Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ten things Thursday... copied from Lap Band Gal

I loved this idea... thank You Lap Band Girl :)

Ten things Thursday

  1. I weighed 146 this morning after a candy/peanut butter binge yesterday 
  2. One of my favorite lady blogger is BACK and in a groove :) love her!!
  3. I am going to start tracking points and protein again (not points plus... regular old points) I pulled out some old journals this morning and when I was tracking points and protein, my weight was 10 pounds less than it is now!!! that ole weight creep is starting ...!!!! eeekkk!!! 
  4. I am stressing about tonight... I have to go to a meeting and I am totally unprepared and don't even KNOW how to get prepared... yikes!!! 
  5. Maybe I need to start eating my frozen yogurt more often... I noticed in my old journals, I had it several times a week and yet I was 10 pounds lighter... what??!! 
  6. I think I am too much focused on PROTEIN and not getting enough carbs...??? could be why I binge so much and my weight is up 10 pounds 
  7. I feel so often like an outsider in the weight loss.. blogging... instagram community ... I haven't had a lap band.. nothing surgical, lost the weight using WWers but never went to any meetings, I am not a 20-30 year old fitness queen (people I follow on Instagram) .... I want to go to the Fit bloggin events but haven't ... fear maybe?
  8. I have HUGE regrets about my weight ... why in the HELL did I wait so long to lose the weight? CRAP I was 50 for crying out loud!! stupid ass!! but then I think... better later than never... and if I had lost the weight earlier in life maybe I would have been a better Mom (health wise) to my kids... ::::sheesh::::  I fed my kids hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and frozen peas.. that was a "balanced" diet in my mind back then... Regrets are poison and I work hard EVERY day to banish them from my mind.. I think I annoy people sometimes.... they think I am maybe "fake optimistic" ... truth is I have so many negative, poisonous thoughts going on in my mind.. I am working HARD HARD HARD to turn them around... hence the "fake optimistic" ... fake it till you make ... old AA saying :) 
  9. I get lost going ANYWHERE, and I am forgetful... dementia? Alzheimer's?   .. I would be worried but I have been getting lost my whole life.. it's like I am missing the directional gene ... lol and OMG there are soooooooooo many things to remember in my job, if a few slip through the cracks... oh well,  that's why I have an assistant ... thank you Lalo.. he is awesome!!
  10.  ... tomorrow maybe, I gotta run 
okay maybe 9 things Thursday... tee hee 

Okay folks... gotta start my day 

wish me good weight loss jue jue today!! 


  1. Fun post. I hear you on the weight gain creep. I was staying at 132 to 133 for a while but this morning I was up to 135. Yep, the brakes are being applied even as I type. :)

    We are alike in the "no sense of direction" area too. My oldest daughter and I share that trait. My youngest has the gift and never gets lost. I guess we must have been eating or gabbing when that gene was given out. :(

  2. Not a professional by any means but from my own experience, at least, I can see how #5 and #6 could be related. Whenever I cut something too much, I tend to binge - whereas when my macros are more balanced, I feel satisfied and have no urge to overdo it. Try allowing your occasional treat back in, and see how your body reacts.


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