Monday, November 26, 2012


too much Thanksgiving ... pecan pie. I am feeling out of control...

but today was a good day

I didn't even realize this was the 2% until this morning! oh well 

3 ounces chicken, broccoli, carrots and a splash of balsamic light dressing 

same only with oven baked vegetables this time  

good day


I did 20 minutes on the treadmill this morning. Tomorrow I have to face the gym... eekk!!! feel's like forever since I have been to the gym 

Picked myself up, dusted myself off, today was a good day. On to tomorrow 


Update for the skinny snowman challenge:

  1. Lose weight or maintain weight during December - Weighed this morning 
  2. Veggie serving with each meal - only 2 
  3. 3 fruit servings per day - zero fruit 
  4. Log food - Done
  5. Name 5 positive things about each day - see below 
  6. 64oz of water per day - I had 3 liters... is that a win or loss? 
  7. Meatless Mondays - failed again 
  8. Earned 5 pts for every 30 minutes of exercise ... nope only 20 minutes 
Wow, I suck at this challenge!!! 

Positive things: 
  • logged my food 
  • tracked my food 
  • Freeway was light coming home tonight. Thank you freeway powers that be 
  • My Son had safe travels today
  • I am off tomorrow 

1 comment:

  1. This is a hard time of year!
    Love the new blog look :)
    I wasn't so good on the challenge today, still sick. Oh well.
    Enjoy your day off!


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