Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ya know what ya know, ya know?

I ate bad for a few days. I had this great idea to go back to counting points.

I wasn't eating clean

my weight is between 142-144

yesterday I was the poster child for diet perfection

this morning....144.2

I know how my body works, why I was FAT for soooo many years

when things are tough, I hold onto weight

when I am not sleeping, and exercising like I should. I hold onto weight

when I am not eating salad daily, I hold onto weight

too much fruit, I hold onto weight

so I would get frustrated, say to myself.... "what's the use" and dive into the food

but in losing all the weight I figured this out

so NOT this time, no caving in

tomorrow is Thanksgiving

there is going to be food galore!!! everything I love to eat

my MO is to overeat from the minute I open my eyes in the morning, and gain at LEAST a good 5 pounds

so here is me telling on myself, I am putting this out the the cyber world

so I won't repeat this destructive behavior

I follow an Instagramer and she has lost 140 pounds!!!

Brooke  has started a Skinny Snowman challenge.

I may not do all the points calculating she has put out there, but just being accountable and in this with others, I feel will get me through the holidays

so Thanksgiving is not going to take me to 150!!! NO WAY!!!!!

what about you?


  1. You have me sold! This whole post sounds like me (only better written) A challenge is just what I think I need right now to get me through the holidays. Thank you for the link :)

  2. Already had Thanksgiving here but I do plan on having a great week. I'm also in that challenge :) Happy Thanksgiving

  3. 100% on my weight maintenance template the whole weekend. Trigger foods cause me physical pain and emotional too. Just know you are not alone. My body keeps track 100% of the time. There are no health holidays.

    Reach for the foods that make you well. I will be right there with you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Thanksgiving isn't going to take me to 150 either :D)


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