Wednesday, December 5, 2012

and the rest of the story...

did you REALLY think I could come home after the gym...

watch some Private Practice on Netflix
and not eat....

well I ate, of course!!!  :P

a bowl of Greek yogurt, a pear and a cup of decaf tea

not too bad?! huh?

blogging helps me to stay focused... so much. I know there are a few of you out there, reading this dribble. I am not the eloquent writer. I kind of dabble. My thoughts jump from here... bing... to there

but just sitting here pounding away on this key board, reaching out to others on this journey. It helps

when I first started this blog, I wanted it to bring me fame and fortune ... OMG how cheesy is that? Well it is true, I was going to be interviewed by Oprah, have a magnificent book deal, book tour included.  Stay at the 4 Seasons during my photo shoot. Meet and have coffee with Tosca Reno (my idol!!)  in my fantasy she offers me a dream job, at dream pay and I off course accept... lol :P oh and the sponsors!!! they would be beating down my door... sending me all kinds of wonderful things for me to review, I would be on their payroll... Maybe I could get out of the grocery business??!!

none of that happened... but what did happen

  • I feel comfortable in my skin 
  • I am healthier
  • Fitter
  • stronger
  • an a "Normal" weight
  • I have maintained my loss for 2 years now 
  • I am beating the odd's 
  • I have learned how to manage my stress and not eat over it 
  • People ask me about my journey, it makes me feel valuable 
  • I have worn the same pants size for 2 years now!!! (size 6) 
  • I can wear EVERYTHING in my closet 
losing weight did not solve all of my life's problems, but I took away one MAJOR problem in my life and I have a better quality of life 

..... okay... okay... oops... stepping quietly off my soap box.... hanging head .... sheesh I can get carried away can't I? 

thank you Pinterest 

have a wonderful day 


  1. Love reading your "dribble". Your blog is so relatable...not so sugary sweet like some of the others. I truely appreciate you sharing your triumphs as well as the struggles! Keep up the good work.


  2. I love your list of what "did happen." All of those things make it so worthwhile to continue to maintain our weight loss. Have a great day!

  3. You know I love your posts even if I don't always comment!
    You have had an amazing journey!!


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