Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back in business!!!

So I woke up sandwiched between Izzy and Jack 

and I noticed now my phone won't charge!!! I have to rubber band the charger to put tension on the cord so it will charge... forget this!!! time for a new phone 

woo hoo a new Iphone 4S!!! 

Tuesday I went to Whole Whole Paycheck and got this cool bread


looks amazing!!? right

even better I added some Nutzo, I was super careful and weighed it on the scale to only get One tablespoon 

the Nutzo was delish... the bread... err not so much 

broccoli, 3 oz brown rice, 3 oz chicken with Walden Farms BBQ sauce 

Asian salad, easy on the dressing and 3 oz chicken  

the Grapefruit was OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! 
I took the Quest bar, but I was feeling guilty, I need to be eating simple foods, and getting my protein from chicken, turkey or fish .... so I gave it to one of my checkers... she liked it .... duh 

I got this instead of the Quest bar, the chicken was a 6 oz container, so I had half ... easy peasy 

Greek yogurt, chia seeds, Splenda and blackberries 

and of course I journal, otherwise I eat too much. Writing it down helps me 

boom!! good day!! ate good, got in a half hour of cardio, drank a gallon of water 



  1. Great day. We're getting through the holidays pretty well I think. :)

  2. It is a good day! How weird that we both get new phones at the same time :)

  3. Just found your blog and was intrigued by your food choices. Especially that Nutzo jar. I've been meaning to try it but have been hesitant. I tend to over indulge in things I like.


  4. Aw man, sorry you didn't like the bread! I work at a Whole Foods - a few secrets, (1) you can totally return it if you don't like it! (2) if you're trying something new, ask someone who works there for a sample, and for something like bread, they'll give you the loaf for free!


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