Tuesday, December 4, 2012

food, food, EVERYWHERE!!!

Lets take a gander at my ridiculous amount of food!! I am a total food hoarder! 

thought I would try this in my Greek yogurt... humm, I will let ya know how it goes 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!

This is good to add to spaghetti squash, it is kind of hard to find... which is frustrating, they make a zillion kinds of sauces, yet usually there is only one or two light ones on the shelf... grrr 

this is what is left from my Date cookies-balls I made the other night, OMG!!! they taste just like a Reese's peanut butter cup. I took them into work (for obvious reasons) 

Thought I would try these? 

outside refrigerator. eggs 18 packs raw and  18 pack is hard boiled, large containers of cooked veggies, containers of chicken and turkey meat balls the brown bag has kale... I think daughter is going to do something with the kale, if she doesn't I will make a egg frittata thingy

outside freezer, prepped meals, the bags contain boneless chicken, it was on sale at $1.88 a pound so I got 10 packages, ground turkey breast for turkey loaf, prepared frozen food for the hubby, I buy it but he usually doesn't eat it :P separated hubby meats, he likes his red meat! Tortilla's I bought, but will NEVER use... I will trow them in the trash in a few months .... lol 

I bought these months ago, I should use them 

messy pantry, lots of flour's... oat, coconut, peanut, almond and regular flour. Nutzo for a Christmas swap... it has to be out of reach!! Nutzo is sooooo yummy!!!

I need all these!!! 

I eat a lot of oats!!! and I go to the local Hispanic market and buy the Chia seeds at Whole Foods they are too expensive 

I get Splenda in bulk 

my pantry 

pantry in the garage, Coconut oil ... mega size... balsamic vinegar ... Wing sauce, I get it at my store and buy the store brand, the Frank's brand is twice the price

my husbands pile of goodies that sits on the counter.... staring me in the face ........ life's challenges 

garage small freezer.... more chicken. I love these Morning Star corn dogs!!! and I love these Garden burgers, but they so little protein that I never eat them!! 

I froze the Jaime Eason's muffins... they don't keep so I freeze them. Hopefully I don't forget about them!! 

my easy peasy vitamin drawer, I just grab a small cup every day. I make them in advance so I always have them ready, and I know what I am running short of

that concludes my kitchen, pantry, freezer's, refrigerator's food tour :P 


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