Thursday, December 20, 2012


morning usually starts with a quarter cup dry measure oats, chia seeds a serving of flax meal add to that a scoop of protein and a few Splenda's  

egg white omelette with onions and mushrooms, strawberries 

8 ozs spagetti squash and 3 oz turkey loaf with wing sauce AND my gallon of water... yep I drank it all today!! 

yummo!! Grapefruit 

Greek yogurt, blackberries, chia seeds and a splash of coconut milk and a few Splenda's 

I made pot roast for the family... I just ate some of the carrots, onions and mushrooms 

I worked out tonight, my trainer gave me crap for these two Gin-Gins's 
really!!! 40 calories... Come on now!! 

came home and had some egg whites

all done for today 


  1. You eat a lot 'cleaner' than I do! Don't know what you're trainers problem is!! You rock

  2. This is great! Thanks for giving me ideas of what to eat!


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