Thursday, December 6, 2012

what are my triggers?

I need to SERIOUSLY figure this out ...

Yesterday... crash, and BURN

I am always nervous about using pictures off the web unless I thank the person or link them... like who would sue me for using pictures??!! but you never know

oops sorry a bit of my attention deficit disorder showing there... what was I saying... oh yah crash and burn yesterday

Ben and Jerry's
Little Debbie's mini blueberry muffins
chocolate covered pretzels
2 extra Bars ... just frantically eating for no reason!!! Luna and Quest

what started it? I was upstairs writing next weeks schedule ... which is usually dangerous... maybe when I spend a lot of time (2-3 hours) at my desk I need to go and get a fruit bowl or some cut up apples or carrots ... this is an advantage of being a grocery store manager.... the mindless, frantic, no thinking eating ... no so great when there is an ENTIRE aisle of cookies, chips, nuts and candy. Maybe I need a rule... hummmm no going to aisle #8 when I am feeling the munchies coming... think it would work?

also I think I need to consciously have more carbs, brown rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread... I get carbs from my vegetables, but when I have brown rice with my second meal I notice I do better

I am soooo glad my trainer

 doesn't read my blog.... do you Kelly? gee's I hope not!!!

so today I packed hardly any food. I KNOW how dumb this is!!! I can hear him screaming at me, well not screaming... maybe scolding me!! lol

some Quest bars, they have protein, fiber, and are controlled, only 150-170 calories. Kelly say's they aren't real food... pfff ... I freakin LOVE them for my "getting back on track" food. I also packed my breakfast. Oatmeal and protein, I will eat it when my stomach can again handle food, this morning I feel like C.R.A.P

so why do I do this to myself? If I knew that answer I wouldn't have spent years in AA... lol.... I am a dumb ass?

yep I think that's the simple answer...


I screwed up, I ate EVERYTHING not nailed to the floor
why? no freakin idea!!

today is a new day... Quiet about this post... don't tell myt trainer....

hopefully he won't ask about my food tonight when I train ....   okay... off to find my loosest work pant


  1. I can identify with every word of this post except the part about having all those food available all the time. Do they have any "real" food that is prepared and ready to eat? Gracious goodness!

    My daughter and I were talking about over eating last night after watching an episode of Man vs Food. I seriously think that guy is trying to kill himself with food. I was talking about those times when I would go into the kitchen and eat anything that did not need to be cooked. It was horrible and I would go to bed feeling so bad. She never ever over eats and always leaves something on her plate. Not me.

    Yes, today is a fresh new start. Good luck with aisle #8 and NO you are not a dumb ass. Sigh.

  2. The convenience factor is HUGE with me. It's a plus if I can just reach in my bag and eat it.

  3. I can definitely relate. When I'm working which is a donut/coffee shop there are times when good eating flies out the door. It's just so easy to grab. What I can never figure out is why some times I can resist so easily and other times I have no willpower!


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