Friday, December 7, 2012

when and where

when: 5:30 AM 
where? my kitchen 
what? egg whites and oatmeal 

when: 4 AM 
where? my kitchen 
what: some cooking, kale salad, steamed broccoli and turkey loaf 

what? little refrigerator for my lunch 
where? my office 
the almond milk and regular creamer ... they aren't mine 

helps remind me when I eat 

what? Greek yogurt with raspberries? 
when? 9 AM
where? at my desk 

what? Kale salad with 3 oz chicken 
when? 11:30
where? my desk 

what ? broccoli, carrots, brown rice and chicken 
when? 2 pm
where? desk again 

OOPS!!! no photo!!
what? chicken and asparagus
when? 4:30 pm
where? bookkeepers office 

what? strawberries and plain tart frozen yogurt
when: 6:45 pm
where? in my car 

yeah... I know you thought I was the Jaguar or BMW kind of gal.... err maybe a Mercedes?
nah.... Granny Saturn with da ole lady rails on top :P 
hey... it's paid for

when? just now 7:16 pm
what? 2 calcium chews 
where? right here typing at my computer 

no cardio today... I cooked instead this morning. 
see yall tomorrow 

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  1. Are those Calcium chews citrate or carbonate type of calcium? They look yummy


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