Saturday, December 8, 2012

yep, I am scared... REALLY scared!!

okay I am thinking this morning.... what are you??? CRAZY or what???!!! tomorrow I will be on my way to run/walk/crawl a relay race. Yes people that is 6.5 miles!!! How prepared am I? zip, nada, ziltch!! I think come Monday I will be a cripple!!! PLEASE pray for me people!!

on another note, yesterdays food was good 

on the exercise front, err not so much this week. I have been cooking in the mornings instead of hitting the treadmill BUT I have been doing squats. On Instagram there is a squat challenge 

so this morning I did 55... I think my arse is goin be a hurting!!! I just started yesterday and I feel a tiny bit sore already!!

off to work... have a wonderful day bloggity fam

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  1. So sorry I missed this post and forgot to cheer you on! Now I know that you did it!!!! Congrats


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