Friday, December 27, 2013

The magic answer

Is consistancy 

Which I have not been partaking of :P 

But just a few days back on track does wonders!! I have been soo sad lately that it is all consuming :( 

Quarter cup oats 

Protein in my morning coffee 

4 whites and Pico Pica sauce 

Egg white, soy chorizo frittata 

18 almonds 

Some cooking today: frittata, turkey meat loaf, cooked carrots, and some squash

I also had some Greek yogurt and a killer work out this morning 

And a gallon of water :) 

I am done eating over changes... Doesn't stop the changes from happening. It has been a hello last few months. 2014 the only path to go is up :) errrr but not the scale


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thinking about 2014

2014 is going to be a year of change for me, both in my job and my family life 
Exciting changes though, scary also 

I usually eat when I am stressed, or have anxiety... so my challenge will be to focus; hunker down and stay the course 

2013 I didn't realize the goals I set for myself but that's okay... whatever 

Resolutions don't work for me for the most part... so of course I am going to set some goals and make some resolutions!! 

I want to reach my goal weight of 135 again!! drop those pesky 10 pounds 

work hard hard hard not to stress eat 

and exercise!!

and make smarter choices ... in several different areas of my life 

What are your thoughts on 2014? 

later taters... less of me that is 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good day

Good food day 

I ate clean, but no exercise today 

A day of relaxation. I need those now and again. Just me and the dogs ... Chillin 

Vegetable soup with chicken. Under 1100 calories today, it felt good to not be spun out of control 

See y'all tomorrow 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

22 points

tried something old today, counting WWer points. I found an app on my phone that uses the old system of calories, fat and fiber
Greek Yogurt and some fiber one cereal 

a protein pudding 

I made some SF jello's for the week, they are SF lime jello a half cup of cottage cheese and a bit of crushed pineapple 2 points each ... err maybe 3

breakfast was egg whites on a low fat Eggo 

another oldie but goldie!! Fiber one muffins :) 2 points 

egg white frittata 2 points 

100 calorie popcorn 

I discovered a new Starbucks combo, regular coffee with 3 pumps SF peppermint and 3 pumps SF mocha ... yummo!!

Vegetable zero point WWer soup 

and a frozen yogurt :) I spent the day relaxing and reading The new Janet Evanovich book; Takedown Twenty ... amazing!!! 

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is :) 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas baking

Need I say more? 

6 cakes made tons of cake balls 
I need to do 15 hours of cardio tomorrow 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Going in the right direction

It is funny how my car food has changed, years ago it was McDonald's and donuts and now it's a protein shake

Before my workout; a cup of coffee and blueberries with stevia for carbs

Veggies, chicken and some light dressing

A salad with egg whites and some light dressing

This is really good but I have to be careful I usually give away most of the box so I don't eat it

And of course my new space cat workout pants ... they are epic

Finally the scale is going in the right direction that means down!! I will see you guys tomorrow have a wonderful evening

Monday, December 9, 2013

Need pictures

I need to start taking pictures of my food again.... I always forget

I have added a meal, but not the quantity of food. Smaller meals, at 2 and a half hours apart...  Am never hungry!!! And so I don't carb freak out I am going to have frozen yogurt on my day off. I had frozen yogurt every day in 2010 while I was losing weight, so I figured why not!!?

I stayed in my calorie budget today and I trained so win, win

The scale is going down slowly, but slow is okay... At least its moving in the right direction!!

See ya tomorrow, with food pictures!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday numbers


Daily Report for December 8, 2013

Daily Log
Whey Protein - Rocky Road, Gold Standard2 Servings240
Almond Milk, Unsweetened, Silk1 ½ Cups45
Coffee Creamer-Italian Sweet Cream Sugar Free, Coffee Mate2 Tablespoons30
Chicken, Breast, Grilled8 Ounces248
Beans, Green1 Cup34
Squash, Spaghetti, Baked, Cooked1 Cup42
Dressing, Balsamic Lite, Newman's Own2 Tablespoons45
Greek Yogurt, 0%, Fage1 Cup130
Strawberries, Kirkland½ Cup25
Broccoli, Stmd, Chopped1 Cup55
Beans, Green1 Cup34
Turkey meat ball, Jaime easons1 ⅓ Servings116
No nutrient data for: Fiber, Sugars, Sat. Fat, Sodium, Carbs
Coconut Probiotic Drink, KeVita2 Servings20
No nutrient data for: Fiber
Walking20 min93


Saturated Fat4g


Food Calories1,064
Exercise Calories93
Net Calories970
+/- Calories-146

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Today's food


Daily Report for December 7, 2013

Daily Log
Whey Protein - Rocky Road, Gold Standard2 Servings240
Coffee Creamer-Italian Sweet Cream Sugar Free, Coffee Mate2 Tablespoons30
Oatmeal, Quick, Giant¼ Cup70
Hemp Hearts, Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds, Manitoba Harvest1 Tablespoon57
Flax Seed Meal, Bob's Red Mill1 Tablespoon30
No nutrient data for: Sugars, Sat. Fat, Sodium
Chia Seeds1 Teaspoon15
Creamer, Hazelnut, Liquid, Nestle Coffee-Mate2 Tablespoons70
No nutrient data for: Sodium
Egg Whites, Large, Ckd8 Each201
Yogurt, Total, 0%, Fage8 Ounces133
Strawberries, Frozen, Kirkland½ Cup25
Beans, Green2 Cups68
Dressing, Balsamic Lite, Newman's Own1 Tablespoon22
Almond Milk Vanilla Unsweetened, Trader Joe's¾ Cup30
Cookie, Pfeffernusse, Iced Gingerbread, Bahlsen1 Piece37
Circuit Training60 min495


Saturated Fat2g


Food Calories1,029
Exercise Calories495
Net Calories533
+/- Calories-588


its a mind set

It is weird how once I decide it kind of all clicks

I found this cool site that helps you visualize your body 

here is a comparison of what I want vs where I am now

Goal weight 

Goal weight 

This dunk kind has been a catalysis that is going to take me to the next phase of my journey. I am telling the WWW but I am not going to scream this out to my family and friends. They may poo poo me and I don't want the negativity

I am not even sure any of my family still read my blog

I am not going to put a time frame out there. I am just going to start on this journey and see how long it takes me

My clothes don't feel right. It is time for change... and weight loss is almost easier than maintenance

I know how to do weight loss... I am going to go back to the 20 minutes every morning on the treadmill... I know they say you need at least 30-45 minutes on the treadmill for it to even be effective, but a little bit is better than nothing and I am sweating after 20 minutes!

food was good today, I did a core and cardio class this morning and I was sweating!!! some cooking, Christmas shopping and laundry and it's a full day off!

tootles bloggity folks

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bad.... Really bad

I changed trainers on October 14th and I love my new trainer, he pushes me so hard! My work outs are so high intensity! I am so sore! I love it 

But he doesn't really do the whole food thing like I am used to. He looked at my diet and said I was on too low of calories... 

All my brain hears is " WOO HOO eat more!!!" 

Back comes the coffee creamer, the peanut butter, more carbs.... I am gaining, but in my rationalizing brain ... I am building soo much muscle ... Yeah .... Ah NO!!

But I am so sore from my workouts, so I must be building muscle ..... Yeah..... Ah NO!!

I am so much hungrier because I am working out, and after all.... I should be eating more, right?..... Yeah..... Ah NO!!

And my workouts are so amazing I have pretty much stopped any additional cardio.... I mean the workouts are so good that should carry me, right? ...... Yeah.... Ah NO!!

And I did the math today, I have been eating an additional 600 calories for the last 7 weeks.... So 49 days multiplied by 600 is 29,400 calories and a pound of fat is 3500 so 29,400 divided by 3,500 = 8.4 pounds and I gained 10 pounds of FAT!!!!!

My lean body mass stayed the same, so the good news is I didn't lose any muscle, but I did gain (which I knew and expected) but it was all fat, which I didn't expect.... Here I thought I was super muscle Mama.... Yeah.... Ah NO!! 

So back to the old, cut out the creamers, nut butters, salad dressing with full fat oil, all the excess calories .... Back to what worked, but not back, back, back ..... I want to keep my calories under 1300 

That's reasonable, right? 

Today was just a reality check for me.... "no, Karla you are not building into some super muscle woman"...... ... REALLY? I am training, because I freaking love it, and I know how to lose weight, actually the losing part is easier than the maintaining part.... 

So here I go again ..... 

Won't ya join me? For Karla loses weight.... Again .... 

No seriously ... I am just being sarcastic, because I am disappointed in how much bull I was actually talking myself into.... I know my body and what would make me think all of a sudden I am this muscle woman!  

So I just finished my post dunk pity (or celebration) food binge 

Tomorrow is a new day. Back to basics 

It's dip day

I will post in a few hours 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2 posts in a day!!

a favorite :) a serving of Greek 0% Fage, 4 strawberries, a serving of SF jello pudding mix and a splash of unsweetened almond milk... throw in a Stevia and total yumminess!!

I was feeling hungry so I had a few carrots 

this will be my dinner 

I may have a slight obsession with Kevita :P 

and a Vitamin Shoppe run
vanilla, chocolate and even a HUGE score of cinnabun!! 

and I had a bowl of squash soup.... and burned the heck out of the roof of my mouth... boo with turkey sausage ... kind of a weird combo, I think I will be saving the turkey sausage for breakfast with egg whites from now on 

later lovelies 

Good Morning blog world

I had a killer day off work out 

oh so beautiful... tee hee 

I want to try and get in the maximum workouts and cardio sessions as possible before my Thursday dunk. 

So today is a bit of running around; vitamin shoppe to restock the protein, nails, and Christmas shopping.. I am almost done!!! Yes I am a Christmas prep superstar!! 

Tomorrow is leg day!!! I am going to have to have some carbs prior or I poop out 

and a little after workout meal 

later taters 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today's food prep

I made a killer squash soup today!!! Recipe is on my Instagram 

Butternut, acorn, spaghetti and kombucha 

I used a boat motor mixer and it is amazing!! 

Food for the week 
1. Cooked carrots 
2. Squash soup 
3. Chicken 
4. Turkey loaf
5. Broccoli
6. Green beans 
7. Spaghetti squash and kombucha 
8. Kale salad 
9. Hard boiled eggs 

So I am set for the week!!! 

Dunk is Thursday morning .... Eekkkkk!!! I am not going to weigh until Thursday morning, I don't want to starve diet to reach any specific number on the scale 

Well have an awesome day folks 

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