Thursday, January 31, 2013

3:19 AM

I did Amazing yesterday!!! 100% on my plan. When I was tempted I kind of thought ..... Really?? that got me past the cookies

I am really enjoying fruit in my water, so last night instead of grazing the refrigerator I prepared my food for today, and peeled 2 grapefruit for my water

Then of course the dishes :p

Viola .... Bed time and no monster food binge

District meeting today ... Ugh

Kind of hard to phone blog...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

feelings and food

I have no pictures for this post. This is just little ole me.... I have been feeling sad, down, depressed lately and I know what it is all about

I understand the why's ... but it isn't helping

I have been turning to food... then I turn away... turn back... ya get it

Yesterday I picked up a book I bought years ago

10 Lessons from a former Fat Girl by Amy Parham 

I have just finished Chapter #1 and she is saying things that make sense to me..... in a nut shell, the hole in my heart/soul I am trying to fill with food... we all have empty spaces inside of ourselves... food, drugs, shopping... I don't know what fixes you... I would guess food if you are reading this

She talks a lot about her relationship with God, turning things over....

Made me think

I haven't been turning things over... I have been trying to control too many things, and situations in my life... stressing myself out

Let go Karla

Amy say's in her book "life is the journey, not the arrival"

Sometimes I feel like I should be in a different place, regrets are tearing me up inside... this, that.....

BUT I have a good life!!! an awesome family, my health, the people I love are in good health, I have a great job, so much to be thankful for...

sometimes it is too easy to focus on the "don't have's" rather than the many wonderful things in my life

so today, I am going to let go.... accept that I cant control every situation, AND focus the good in my life

see you tonight with my usual picture food post :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Lunch bags

I take at least 4 meals every day to work sometimes more... but never less

I eat 6 small meals (or at least aim for this!!) with 20 grams of protein at each meal

I also drink at least a gallon of water every day, oh and don't forget the utensils and my calcium chews.. gum and ... well you get it... I carry a lot of stuff

my current lunch bag is kind of sad

it is so full that I usually can't zip it up 

my old lunch bag is even sadder ... but at least it was easy to wash :P 

My daughter has thee coolest lunch bag ever!!! it is a 6 pack Fitness bag 

there are compartments for your meals, they even have the little food containers, and the shelves adjust so if you wanted to take a big ole salad... no problemo, just adjust the shelves 

a little zipper pouch on the top for her stuff; vitamins, teas bags and single serving Peanut butter is what she has

and side pockets... she has Quest bars and measured out protein 

and bottles of water on the other side 

and it all zip's up easy peasy 

they have a large, which is what she has and a smaller one... that I think carries only 3 meals... So the whole reason of this post is... she is buying the smaller one and I am going to inherit this beautiful gorgeous lunch bag!! Now these bags are mainly in the fitness industry, Hard core fitness folks do major meal prep... but hey so do we hard core diet maintenance folks!!! so this is going to be a perfect fit for me!!! 

I am so excited... 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Busy lady!

Random order ...

I made a quesadilla today!! it was yummo! 80 calorie tortilla. This brand actually is really good and each tortilla has 8 or 9 grams of protein! 2 Laughing Cow wedges and I threw in a few slices of turkey to get to 20 grams of protein for this meal 

30 minutes of cardio, followed by 35 minutes on the floor of the gym; lifting weights, followed by another 30 minutes of cardio!! 

I copied this from Instagram. I was going to look into this appetite suppressant (pictured on the far right) ... errr maybe... I was a diet pill junkie for so many years... this may be a slippery slope for me... not sure... need to Google search it 

I made a killer Turkey meat loaf today!!! 
2 packages of Turkey store ground breast meat 
1 cup quinoa 
chopped pepper
chopped celery 
chopped onion 
4 egg whites 
1 whole egg 
brown spicy mustard
It was a monster!!! so many veggies, I had trouble mixing it all up!! 

we went for frozen yogurt tonight, my daughter's birthday is tomorrow, we did the whole family dinner tonight 

I was a sweaty Betty this morning!!

my newest killer Kale salad... yummo 

salad with turkey 

all the deets :P 

new kale salad and chicken 

How was your day? 

I also cooked like a mad woman today, the normal list... so now it is relax time ... Son's of Anarchy... 

yep me be a nerd :P 


so the other day I was asking myself how many days can I go? I made it 48 hours

not a stellar amount of time I have to admit, I was kind of feeling bad about myself last night ... after I ate those Triscuit crackers with cream cheese and olive tapenade.

but then this morning I was reading some of my long time blogger buds and it got me thinking... I have maybe been focusing on the wrong thing... I have blogged A LOT!! this is my 1135th blog post and 3 years ago I never thought I would still be blogging. I had never stuck to a diet for even more than a month... 30 days!!! that was an eternity for me. So 1135 posts is/was unthinkable!! unimaginable!!

I have probably eaten "not diet friendly" a bazillion times over the course of this blog, but what I have done an equal number of times is

  • picked myself up 
  • dusted myself off
  • forgiven myself
  • been patient with myself 
  • understood what works for you, may not work for me 
  • not let the haters wear me down 
  • stayed away from the toxic people, or at least ignored them
and it has worked for me... now it may not work for you (see bullet point above) 
You may do no carb, Weight Watchers, blood type diet, South Beach Diet, count calories, Medifast whatever... it is about what you find works for you.... and we all .... no let me stick to me... I want to spout about this or that and give out unsolicited advise... because it did work for me... so it should work for you... right? errr not always 

find what works for you and do it!!! 

how did this post go sideways...  hummm .... there goes my adult ADD kicking in .... :P 

any way... I am going to TRY and see how many days I can eat the "Kelly the trainer way" which is now my diet plan .... so far the count is 48 hours... 

let me see if I can beat that number!!! 

One of my meals yesterday 

I have added Tapatio sauce and a taco sauce to my meals. The light Ragu spaghetti sauce and light Alfredo seem to add unnecessary calories, and I REALLY like the Tapatio!!! 

another thing.... I bought a gallon of water yesterday... and my bookkeeper asked me "do you REALLY drink all that?" with the doubting facial expression .... 

when I add frozen mixed berries and a few Lemon-aid Crystal lights I have to be careful not to drink it too fast.... it is SOOOOOOO good!!! I would love to be off the artificial sweeteners, but I am just not that dedicated to that yet

I am also accepting I do not like Green tea, and I am not a big fish eating person.... I want to be... Karla Green Tea drinker and lover of Salmon... doesn't that sound like I rock?!! oh well... that's not me... I love sweet drinks, must be that 5 year old kid trapped inside me that loves Koolaid ... and salmon, well in a restaurant I will order it and LOVE it, but I just can't cook it... ewwwww yucko!!!

so accepting who I am has been a journey, liking myself is... has been even harder... but I am kind of awesome 

later guys 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How many can you do?

egg whites and Ezekiel toast 

I love this woman!!! Greek yogurt, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon and a packet of Truvia 

brussel sprouts, 3 oz brown rice and chicken 

broccoli, egg whites and light dressing

I made a huge salad, turkey meat loaf and light dressing

Killer work out today, got my cardio and water in... a MUCH better day. I am going to be nice to myself and just stay off the scale

How many days can you go eating 100% the way you feel good about? if you do WWer's how many days in your points? if you eat clean... how many days? I am curious how many I can do... 

One down :) 

Stress and food

my beautiful sister is the sweetest thing ever and soo talented!!! Thank you :) 

I ate like crap yesterday 

this is what started me on the wrong path 

I am in a bad place right now. My body is reacting to my mind. My mind is all kinds of screwed up... 

Sometimes I feel like there is no end to the stress. New day, just another bunch of crap. Then I read about others charmed lives and I get even darker... I need to shake this off... but sometimes it's hard 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Journal-ing, logging, and keeping track!

when I don't keep track 

of my food 

I tend to lose my way 

I have to hold myself accountable 

to myself, or someone else 

or those pesky pounds just creep back 

I have worked to danged hard to let this slip away!!! 

go out and have a KICK ASS day :) 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hoe humm

my daily vitamin's 
  • 2 fish oil
  • 2 vitamin D's (doctor told me to take this... last physical I was low... and I live in sunny California... how weird is that!!
  • CQ10
  • C
  • Multi 
  • B12
  • Hot Flash vitamin
  • Menopause vitamin

so true!

this morning breakfast, after I got on the scale and saw 143!!! I have not been blogging, or writing down my food, or texting my food to my trainer, or counting calories... and the scale told me so!! Back to what works 

the other days food 
  1. Greek yogurt with chia seeds some SF pudding mix and coconut milk make a super yummo pudding
  2. veggies, turkey and some light dressing 
  3. spaghetti squash, turkey meat loaf and wing sauce (OMG I am so TIRED of eating this... poke my eye out sick of it!!) 
  4. 3 egg whites
  5. brussel sprouts, chicken and Walden Farms SF BBQ sauce. Now this I LOVE!!! 
time to mix up some of my foods, I can always tell when I get bored of my food. I am always looking for a nibble here and a taste there which = 143 on the scale!! 

I have another week of my boring food, so I have to hold on... payday I will look for something new for the food prep regime!!

today's plan is house work, Son's of Anarchy .... I am HOOKED on this show!!! okay, okay this is just confirmation of my nerd status!!! and last but what I am looking forward to the most.... workout tonight with the monster man

see ya :) 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day off

Food was okay

If you are looking for an easy over the top delicious breakfast/dinner Google Pioneer Woman French toast

Oh my Gawd

And some food prep and meals

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