Sunday, January 27, 2013


so the other day I was asking myself how many days can I go? I made it 48 hours

not a stellar amount of time I have to admit, I was kind of feeling bad about myself last night ... after I ate those Triscuit crackers with cream cheese and olive tapenade.

but then this morning I was reading some of my long time blogger buds and it got me thinking... I have maybe been focusing on the wrong thing... I have blogged A LOT!! this is my 1135th blog post and 3 years ago I never thought I would still be blogging. I had never stuck to a diet for even more than a month... 30 days!!! that was an eternity for me. So 1135 posts is/was unthinkable!! unimaginable!!

I have probably eaten "not diet friendly" a bazillion times over the course of this blog, but what I have done an equal number of times is

  • picked myself up 
  • dusted myself off
  • forgiven myself
  • been patient with myself 
  • understood what works for you, may not work for me 
  • not let the haters wear me down 
  • stayed away from the toxic people, or at least ignored them
and it has worked for me... now it may not work for you (see bullet point above) 
You may do no carb, Weight Watchers, blood type diet, South Beach Diet, count calories, Medifast whatever... it is about what you find works for you.... and we all .... no let me stick to me... I want to spout about this or that and give out unsolicited advise... because it did work for me... so it should work for you... right? errr not always 

find what works for you and do it!!! 

how did this post go sideways...  hummm .... there goes my adult ADD kicking in .... :P 

any way... I am going to TRY and see how many days I can eat the "Kelly the trainer way" which is now my diet plan .... so far the count is 48 hours... 

let me see if I can beat that number!!! 

One of my meals yesterday 

I have added Tapatio sauce and a taco sauce to my meals. The light Ragu spaghetti sauce and light Alfredo seem to add unnecessary calories, and I REALLY like the Tapatio!!! 

another thing.... I bought a gallon of water yesterday... and my bookkeeper asked me "do you REALLY drink all that?" with the doubting facial expression .... 

when I add frozen mixed berries and a few Lemon-aid Crystal lights I have to be careful not to drink it too fast.... it is SOOOOOOO good!!! I would love to be off the artificial sweeteners, but I am just not that dedicated to that yet

I am also accepting I do not like Green tea, and I am not a big fish eating person.... I want to be... Karla Green Tea drinker and lover of Salmon... doesn't that sound like I rock?!! oh well... that's not me... I love sweet drinks, must be that 5 year old kid trapped inside me that loves Koolaid ... and salmon, well in a restaurant I will order it and LOVE it, but I just can't cook it... ewwwww yucko!!!

so accepting who I am has been a journey, liking myself is... has been even harder... but I am kind of awesome 

later guys 


  1. Haters? On your blog? Why do they bother with a sweet lady like you who has really done well? When all is said and done, you have to be doing more good days than "bad" or you would have gained the weight back. We'll just keep trudging along and supporting each other. :)

  2. Karla, I have followed you for a long time but never really commented for whatever reason. But I always think to myself "this woman ROCKS!" You are an inspiration. This entry spoke to me because it's so true. I read a lot of blogs and weight loss info and and I've come to believe one has to find their own way and follow it. Ignore the fanatics, faux-experts and nay-sayers and do what works. Thank you for your blog!


  3. None of us are perfect and we do the best we can. You rock!! Period :)

  4. I was thinking out/composing a comment for yesterday's post because it was motivating to me. Then this post came, which is so similar to what we talked about at my WW meeting this morning. Yes, I need to keep in my points - but it's also about the growth and progress and the bigger picture. You do rock! and thank you for sharing with us.

  5. I am so glad you blog! I love reading your posts. You are inspirational and yes you truley do ROCK!!

    Keep going! And thanks!


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