Saturday, January 12, 2013

Body Composition analysis

so today I had my body fat tested. I dunked :) 

I was nervous as all get out!! I post my food, I work out, but am I real? or am I a fraud? I was WORRIED!!! I used to weigh 220 pounds and I was not a happy gal. I have changed my life style. I know this is so clique but it is a life style change

so I went and just wore my bathing suit under my clothes. Take a towel. The lady weighed me and measured my height... I am taller than I used to be... weird I have always been  5'5 and a half

I was 5'6 and a quarter

any ho ha ... you go in the truck and she weighs and measures you  then you get into the tank. It was like bath water, not cold AT ALL!! and you blow all the air out you can... go under water and blow more air out... air = weight so you try and blow!!!

I dunked 3 times... I think so she gets an accurate number

the weight of my lean body mass is 109.25, fat weighs 32.75 putting me at a 23% 

it says I need to have 1575 calories just to live 

and if I want to lose weight 

the range for my age I was in the 85% group... meaning only 15% of women my age (50-59) have a leaner body mass than me... BOOM!!! 

I was VERY happy with the results!! it was scary and intimidating but it totally validated me, and how hard I work... to fix my food, and going to the gym, and my trainer... everything

I feel weird saying this... but I am happy with my weight. I keep it between 139 and 143 and that is a healthy range

the "transition line" was 26.6% body fat

I will be dunking about every six months!! The first time was $50 and the next time will only be $35

I totally recommend it!!

later guys


  1. I'm totally impressed with your numbers. I'm really impressed that you are taller. Most of us are shrinking and you are doing something to avoid that. Tell us your secret, please.


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