Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chain reaction

Yesterday was a horrible horrible horrible day! I did an inventory so I was up at 11 from the night before. I packed my food but I packed my new over the top yummy chocolate pudding I make with Greek yogurt

This is how it went

Home to sleep .... Hah! found the hidden Quest bars

-> sugar free jello with more Redi whip
-> trail mix
-> bowl of rice
-> ice cream

I so get it now that a tiny bit of cheating can start a chain reaction that will take me way off track!

On a non food related thought..... I was working out the other day and my trainer was telling someone about all the weight I had lost... conversation starts and this guy says to me "What is your goal?"

That is twice in the last six months I've been asked this question. Which makes me think.... am I NOT at my goal?

Messes with my head

Things of been changing around my household and I've been putting to much emphasis on everybody else, Time to focus on me and get my cardio in every single day!!!

Today's cardio is done 😃


  1. I think you look great. Regardless of that dude who asked you what your goal is. You look fab.

    As for cheating...ugh...I hate it. One thing can literally cause such a chain reaction. Don't you wish you could just shut off that one part of your brain that causes that to happen? Uuuuugh. :(

  2. Next time someone asks I would go with. Now LOL First time visitor but looking at the pictures to the right looks to me like your about 135 which I would think would have been your goal.

  3. When asked "what's your goal?"...just say "You're lookin' at it baby!" :) Bo-ya!!
    You're so awesome! Sounds like you're in a really good place with a healthy view of yourself and a good weight range to maintain. Don't let anyone else tell you what to think. You.are.awesome!

  4. A big high-5 to Sara's suggestion - "Your're looking at it Baby!" Reminds me of the 60s song "I am Woman" You are awesome!


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