Wednesday, January 30, 2013

feelings and food

I have no pictures for this post. This is just little ole me.... I have been feeling sad, down, depressed lately and I know what it is all about

I understand the why's ... but it isn't helping

I have been turning to food... then I turn away... turn back... ya get it

Yesterday I picked up a book I bought years ago

10 Lessons from a former Fat Girl by Amy Parham 

I have just finished Chapter #1 and she is saying things that make sense to me..... in a nut shell, the hole in my heart/soul I am trying to fill with food... we all have empty spaces inside of ourselves... food, drugs, shopping... I don't know what fixes you... I would guess food if you are reading this

She talks a lot about her relationship with God, turning things over....

Made me think

I haven't been turning things over... I have been trying to control too many things, and situations in my life... stressing myself out

Let go Karla

Amy say's in her book "life is the journey, not the arrival"

Sometimes I feel like I should be in a different place, regrets are tearing me up inside... this, that.....

BUT I have a good life!!! an awesome family, my health, the people I love are in good health, I have a great job, so much to be thankful for...

sometimes it is too easy to focus on the "don't have's" rather than the many wonderful things in my life

so today, I am going to let go.... accept that I cant control every situation, AND focus the good in my life

see you tonight with my usual picture food post :)


  1. I'm always amazing at how closely food and emotions are related. That book sounds really good.

  2. I go through periods like this too. Yes, I also turn to food. Maybe I should get a dog that loves me unconditionally and takes a lot of work. I do need something to distract me from me. :)

  3. Sounds like a good book! Stay strong. This too shall pass :)

  4. I sometimes get so frustrated because I honestly don't know why I do certain things. Just don't give up!

  5. Lately, I've really been looking forward to your posts - the 48hrs vs 1,135 days, the killer Turkey meat loaf (I made mine using beef and a mini muffin pan), and now this post about letting go... giving me lots to think about now if I can just get well so I can do more than just think. LY


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