Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

So what does 2013 have in store for me?
Do I have any resolutions? No... They really do and don't work for me.... Although I started my weight loss journey on 1/1/2010 and stuck to it! So boom there!!

I would like to try yoga this year
Give up coffee creamer
Have planned treats, not out of control crazy mindless eating binges
Smile more... I am WAY to serious ... My receiver calls me grumpy
Eat more fish
Maintain my weight loss
Make good financial decisions
Say No more often
Continue blogging
Be more accepting of myself
Give up artificial sweeteners

2012 was a tough year in my life much of which I didn't post.... I am careful what I share on this blog because.... Well I don't know who ACTUALLY reads this blog...

2012 ended in a way I would have NEVER thought, but my kids are back home. I would have never thought that would happen. I made no progress in an area of my life I wanted to focus on at the start of 2012. So I am NOT going to be regretful a year from now!!!

2012 I discovered I LOVE lifting weights
I love running, but alas my hips do not
I found a menopause relief formula that works for me
I cut my hair short
I gave up fake nails. I can't believe I had them for YEARS.... Yucko
My weight stayed the same, but my body changed.... Smaller waist, legs a bit larger... Maybe a tiny bit of booty starting to develop
I said yes... WAY to often. Sometimes when it would hurt me. I still said yes

I discovered this amazing Arctic Zero pop... low in calories, but alas also protein... boo 

my food from 12/31/12

this made me smile 

I am pretty consistent , a gallon of water a day 

egg white omelet from this morning 

my stupid co workers.... grrrr... I threw them in his desk so I wouldn't see them... I didn't eat ANY!!

and I brought the New Year in right!!!! BOOM!!!!!! 

hard to see me, but it has been long underwear weather!!


another of today's meals 

good bye 2012 


  1. love this post ....great plans ....and it sounded like a great 2012 for u
    happy new year hope you love3 yoga

  2. I bought a 101 oz BPA free jug for me to drink more water from. I need to keep it visually available so I remember to drink more H20. Your pic reminded me, so thanks:)

  3. I'm also going to try giving up sweeteners this year. I also plan to get to goal :)
    You as usual rock!! You always inspire me never to give up.

  4. great post.. I agree with most if not all of it...Here's to 2013 :)

  5. I love this post. I've come a long way in giving up artificial sweeteners but still have a diet coke maybe once or twice a month. I know they are not good for my bones. Sigh. You did GREAT during the holidays. :)


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