Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hoe humm

my daily vitamin's 
  • 2 fish oil
  • 2 vitamin D's (doctor told me to take this... last physical I was low... and I live in sunny California... how weird is that!!
  • CQ10
  • C
  • Multi 
  • B12
  • Hot Flash vitamin
  • Menopause vitamin

so true!

this morning breakfast, after I got on the scale and saw 143!!! I have not been blogging, or writing down my food, or texting my food to my trainer, or counting calories... and the scale told me so!! Back to what works 

the other days food 
  1. Greek yogurt with chia seeds some SF pudding mix and coconut milk make a super yummo pudding
  2. veggies, turkey and some light dressing 
  3. spaghetti squash, turkey meat loaf and wing sauce (OMG I am so TIRED of eating this... poke my eye out sick of it!!) 
  4. 3 egg whites
  5. brussel sprouts, chicken and Walden Farms SF BBQ sauce. Now this I LOVE!!! 
time to mix up some of my foods, I can always tell when I get bored of my food. I am always looking for a nibble here and a taste there which = 143 on the scale!! 

I have another week of my boring food, so I have to hold on... payday I will look for something new for the food prep regime!!

today's plan is house work, Son's of Anarchy .... I am HOOKED on this show!!! okay, okay this is just confirmation of my nerd status!!! and last but what I am looking forward to the most.... workout tonight with the monster man

see ya :) 


  1. I am going to have to try brussle sprouts like that, I dont care for them plain... and the spaghetti squash too. Keep on plugging! Good luck!

  2. Your food looks great! We have some new recipes to try next week and I'm looking forward to them!


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