Thursday, January 24, 2013

How many can you do?

egg whites and Ezekiel toast 

I love this woman!!! Greek yogurt, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon and a packet of Truvia 

brussel sprouts, 3 oz brown rice and chicken 

broccoli, egg whites and light dressing

I made a huge salad, turkey meat loaf and light dressing

Killer work out today, got my cardio and water in... a MUCH better day. I am going to be nice to myself and just stay off the scale

How many days can you go eating 100% the way you feel good about? if you do WWer's how many days in your points? if you eat clean... how many days? I am curious how many I can do... 

One down :) 


  1. As of right now, I've been "in my points" for 27 days straight. I had never thought to measure that before your post, but now I'm a little proud of myself! Thanks!

  2. Probably 2-3 weeks max. I'm a WW alumni at goal weight. Either tracking points or cals/ carbs on my fitness pal , I can only get about 2 weeks in with perfect tracking. I'll stop for a day or partial day or two and get back on track.

    I went 8 weeks without tracking one time. Noticed a shift higher in my weight, so back to tracking.

    I know if I'm tired, then my tracking falls off. I think pre tracking my meals may help me. Thanks for posting on this topic. I'm going to try per tracking this week.


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