Monday, January 28, 2013

Lunch bags

I take at least 4 meals every day to work sometimes more... but never less

I eat 6 small meals (or at least aim for this!!) with 20 grams of protein at each meal

I also drink at least a gallon of water every day, oh and don't forget the utensils and my calcium chews.. gum and ... well you get it... I carry a lot of stuff

my current lunch bag is kind of sad

it is so full that I usually can't zip it up 

my old lunch bag is even sadder ... but at least it was easy to wash :P 

My daughter has thee coolest lunch bag ever!!! it is a 6 pack Fitness bag 

there are compartments for your meals, they even have the little food containers, and the shelves adjust so if you wanted to take a big ole salad... no problemo, just adjust the shelves 

a little zipper pouch on the top for her stuff; vitamins, teas bags and single serving Peanut butter is what she has

and side pockets... she has Quest bars and measured out protein 

and bottles of water on the other side 

and it all zip's up easy peasy 

they have a large, which is what she has and a smaller one... that I think carries only 3 meals... So the whole reason of this post is... she is buying the smaller one and I am going to inherit this beautiful gorgeous lunch bag!! Now these bags are mainly in the fitness industry, Hard core fitness folks do major meal prep... but hey so do we hard core diet maintenance folks!!! so this is going to be a perfect fit for me!!! 

I am so excited... 


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