Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stress and food

my beautiful sister is the sweetest thing ever and soo talented!!! Thank you :) 

I ate like crap yesterday 

this is what started me on the wrong path 

I am in a bad place right now. My body is reacting to my mind. My mind is all kinds of screwed up... 

Sometimes I feel like there is no end to the stress. New day, just another bunch of crap. Then I read about others charmed lives and I get even darker... I need to shake this off... but sometimes it's hard 


  1. So glad you like the journals - from your photo they look like the size is perfect.

    Hey have you looked into the GAPS (Gut & Psychological Syndrome) diet? Check it out. Your gut is probably full of opportunistic bacteria that are shitting and farting all through your body while simultaneously eating up all your essential nutrients causing you to "feel like there is no end to the stress" and causing your "mind all kinds of screw ups". It is radically different than how you are currently eating and I can guarantee that the first week or two you may be really sick as your body detoxes - but check it out. I can send you several links to the diet, bloggers and pinterest boards.

  2. Oh Karla, I am so sorry that you're not feeling well. I hope that things get better for you very soon. I find putting less pressure on myself when I feel stressed really helps - taking a nap or treating yourself to some new tea or nail polish or even some great-smelling bubble bath or shampoo - helps to get through the blaaah times. ((( hugs )))

  3. I'm with ya too much stress on me right now and it seems like I'm being tested. Total crap day today. I'm just struggling to take care of myself one moment at a time right now. Hang in there.

  4. Totally feeling the same way. Hate it. Keep pushing through. It's hard I know...Hang in there! Feel Better!


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