Wednesday, January 2, 2013

well.... not today

egg whites and Ezekiel toast 

from the bottom to the top
1. Greek yogurt with black berries and blueberries 
2. spaghetti squash with turkey meat loaf and wing sauce 
3. 3 oz brown rice and veggies 
4. Kale salad 
5. Turkey meat loaf to add to brown rice and veggies 
6. turkey meat loaf to add to Kale salad 

2 calcium chews 
and I took a jug of grapefruit for when I get the munchies at work... 

I had some today, but this jug should last me a while 

I put this on my computer. I really don't feel BAD about my body, I am a bit saggy and baggy, but nothing spanx doesn't cure :P but it reminds me 

on the 2013 goals from... boo I had artificial sweetener today, out of habit I added Crystal light to my water 
and I had some coffee creamer at work 

I am a work in progress, God isn't done with me yet 

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