Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Phone blogging

I did A LOT better yesterday and today. I have added 2 shakes into my day, when I make them with the coconut milk.... Oh My GAWD!!!!! Sooo good!!
No exercise today ... Boo

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

way's my life has changed since 1/1/2010 and random stuff about me

  • my weight 
  • my height, I am actually 1/2 taller!!! all I can think of is I stand up straighter because I am stronger??
  • my diet... duh 
  • my tastes ... I get excited over fish instead of Big Mac's!!
  • my wardrobe 
  • I can bend down and cut my toenails with no trouble 
  • I can get dressed and see straight down my body 
  • Shop in normal stores, no more Lane Bryant's 
  • Social situations don't freak me out any more... no more worrying on what to wear 
  • everything in my closet fits
  • I actually eat MORE now! 
  • I sleep better
  • I feel proud of myself, not ashamed of my appearance
  • I actually have a bit of style 
  • I don't wear hoodie sweatshirts any more
  • no more elastic waist pants
  • I can cross my legs
  • chairs don't scare my... true story I broke one of those plastic chairs once during a social gathering... OMG I thought I would die of embarrassment!!
  • I have and wear belts! 
  • sweaters are not a problem
  • I don't get my clothes out of the dryer a bit damp so I can stretch them, I used to step on the waist band of my damp jeans so I could tug the waist to expand as much as it could 
  • I used to buy jeans one's that I like in the size I was and a size bigger... just in case 
  • I say no thank you ... food that is offered to me, and I don't feel bad, or rude. I am nice, I thank the person, but NO thank you is an okay response 
  • I fit easier in my bathtub 
  • people look at me more in the eyes
  • people talk to me more
  • people ask me how I lost the weight 
  • they ask me for my recipe's 
  • they ask my what my exercise routine is
  • I cook... SOOO MUCH 
  • I don't leave my food choice's to chance, I pack my food and bring it. To work, meetings, the main office, when I work in other stores, even when I am out and about, I took food the other day when I went to get my eyebrows waxed!! always prepared!
  • I don't just care about the calorie counts any more... it has to be real food, not those TV dinners, or 100 calorie pack's of processed food 
  • I am a food snob, kind of annoying, I know 
  • I can't seem to give up 100% 
    • artificial sweeteners... some still get in ... not much but some
    • coffee creamer's, I don't bring it into the house, but meetings or if someone offers me a cup of coffee with creamer... Heck yeah!! 
  • I get annoyed when a "Weight loss blogger" post's recipes using crazy amounts of butter... I un-follow them... (is that a word? un-follow?) 
  • I get frustrated by clean eating at times... AA ruined drinking for me... clean eating has ruined junk eating for me... frustrated, but glad (on both accounts) 
  • I understand there is no secret... just don't give up 
  • I hardly ever eat dairy 
  • no wheat.. hardly ever
  • no beef
  • I still touch my face all the time... feels so different... I can actually feel my facial structure (okay yes I am a tad weird) 
  • I wish.. wish.. wish I had lost the weight when my Mom was still alive, she would have been proud, and happy for me 
  • I wear a size 6. I can fit into my 4's I have them but my 6's are more comfy 
  • medium shirts 
  • I am uncomfortable about tight fitting gym shirts... my belly is still giggly. My trainer says it is all diet ... as in lose more weight... err.... that's not going to happen... I cannot live on salads alone!!! 
  • When I restrict myself too much... I freak out and binge (as in yesterday :::::boo::::) I NEED carbs at least 2-3 meals a day ..... I don't know how you do it Anne!!! 
  • I have never tried Paleo, it sounds intriguing but why change? 

Today's goals 
  1. eat clean
  2. drink a gallon or more of plain water
  3. do cardio
  4. work out with Kel
  5. clean my bathrooms
  6. cook 

see ya bloggity folks 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Karla's ABC's

(links are just picture credit's)
  • A actions, they really do speak louder than words... blog your heart out, go crazy on Face book or Instagram, but it is your actions that count!! 
  • B bites... gotta be careful of those tiny bites...l they add up... usually to tighter pants! 
  • C chicken, I usually cook at least 2 packages a week. line the pan with foil, coconut oil so it doesn't stick and my new thing is Amino's (Bragg's or Coconut) pepper, minced onions and sesame seeds 
  • D diet soda, I used to buy this six 12-packs at a time!!! I don't touch it now. I am finding the less artificial sweeteners in my diet, the less I crave sweets... OMG could all those articles and research be right?? LOL 
  • E egg's, egg's, egg's.... I buy three 20-packs at a time! and keep 20-40 boiled and another 20-pack raw. With everyone in my household we can go through a dozen a day... that is pretty standard!! 

  • F Fish, I am trying to get more in my diet... at least one meal a day 

  • H HARD WORK!!! yes this is hard work, but it so worth it!! 
  • I Instant Gratification... for so many years I wanted to lose weight.. ahhh... overnight.. blink and I would be thin, thats what I wanted!!! but it takes time. There is no instant gratification in weight loss!! 
  • J jump squats   I look like a total dweeb when I do these... I just make sure I am focused on the mirror in front of me so I don't make eye contact with anyone when I am looking so silly :P 

  • K Karla's blog... derp :P 
  • L Lifestyle not a diet, I say "in my diet" but I don't mean that as in DIET, I am on a diet, I am NOT, this is my life now, this is me, I eat this way and take my food, and work out and journal my meals daily, and on and on and on.... it's a lifestyle not a diet 
  • M Move!!! I have to remember that even a little bit is better than nothing!! when it comes to movement and exercising... even just 20 minutes on the treadmill is better than saying... "ah... tomorrow" NO!!! go get on the dang thing!!! just move your body, do 20 minutes!!! it is always going through my mind. A boxing coach once said to me "a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing" it stuck with me 

  • O Orange Roughy, line the pan with foil, one scant teaspoon of olive oil, Mrs Dash, squeeze of lemon and smother in onions and bell peppers, cook to package recommendations 
  • P protein... I am always looking to get 20 grams in per meal 
  • Q quinoa, love the stuff!!! I make it in the rice cooker, with a splash of olive oil. I always have it done and in a Tupperware in the refrigerator. Add it to any meal really!!! 
  • R Respect yourself, I am constantly reminding myself... Karla, you are not a dog... you reward dogs with food... go get a manicure, a new blouse SOMETHING non food related!! 

  • S Salmon, I wish I loved to cook this... I just don't ....  boo... Now I can order it pretty much anywhere and I love it!!! When I cook it... ewwww yuck! the problem with ordering it out... we all know... is what did they add to it to make it so yummo??? 
  • T  Tracking... I HAVE to track my food some how! My sister made me some beautiful monthly notebooks, I also occasionally put it in a calorie counter app... just to see 
  • unbelievable .. that I could do this!! that I haven't given up, that I won't give up./.. who am I??? pretty freakin awesome is who!! 
  • Visual ... I couldn't truthfully see myself as a thin person when I was in the process of losing, I would avoid mirrors or camera's for years I did!! ... sometimes I still don't see myself as a thin person. I still feel big on the inside. I think this is what took me so long to finally change is that I didn't have a clear vision of who and where I was in life... I didn't "see" myself .. couldn't or maybe it is I just wouldn't... even now 

  • W working out... duh 
  • X eXtra  going that extra mile, staying up that extra hour to cook, getting up that extra hour to work out... (and yes I try to always get 8 hours sleep) try is what I strive for.. I probably truthfully average 7... no bad for the work week. I make up for that on my days off... sometimes I sleep 12 hours on my days off.... how did I get on sleep.... OMG my distracted mind going zing zing again 
  • Y yogurt... I miss my Greek yogurt, I used to eat it once or twice a day!!! great source of protein, but be careful of the fruity ones... so much added sugar's My favorite is Fage 0% add Truvia, and vanilla, or PB2, fruit, cinnamon .... derrr not all at once!!! LOL... I stopped eating so much dairy this last month, I was all bloated. I can tell a difference in my body with less.. almost NO dairy
  • Z Zee end 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I can't do this alone!!

this has been my week!!! 

my stress has been all over the map!! Monday I ate good 

then Tuesday I had a STRESSFUL day but it all turned out okay, I cried because I was soo relieved and I had been wound up for the entire day... well I supposed to go work out ... well I didn't I went home and "relaxed" .... no freak out eating that night 
Wednesday... I am again all freaked out over anticipation of Thursday's events... so this happens 

I text my trainer (Kelly) my food every day... it helps ... don't judge me 

oh and also I am looking at this 

I am in a little need (?) of some food prep... and NO WATER!!!! EEKKK!!!!

so any whoo dee whoo 

I get a text from Kelly ... "call me" 
oh, crap...

he is so understanding, supportive and he had a feeling Tuesday night and didn't push me... believe me HE WILL next time!! Kel tweeked my diet a smidge and I am back on track 

I need you people
I need my family 
I need Kel

we all need a support system 

Yesterday was much better... 
I didn't eat all of this
no quinoa 
the oranges in my water were yucky
and I scraped out the crispy noodles and sliced almonds out of my Asian salad 

I am off the the gym this morning to get my arse handed to me!!! LOL 

but I KNOW I will feel AWESOME after...working out has become a stress reliever for me. I used to use Alcohol, now it is working out... I need to accept this and go with it...
I SHOULD have gone Tuesday night
lesson learned!!!

Thank you Mr Internet for a few of the above pictures 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shopping list

Lap band girl mentioned shopping list's and I thought... why not??


  • Ground turkey breast meat for turkey loaf
  • boneless chicken 
  • eggs ... lots and lots 
  • turkey breast these they sell at Costco, I buy one and chop it into little squares and freeze it, easy to portion out 3 ounces to add to a meal 
  • Orange Roughy 
  • Solid white in water tuna 

  • brussell sprouts
  • green beans
  • broccoli
  • Kale salad (Costco or Smart and Final) 
  • Asian salad (Smart and Final) 
  • Red bell pepper; for salad's, turkey loaf or baked vegetables
  • jicama for salads
  • carrots; for salad's, turkey loaf or baked vegetables. I don't buy the baby ones, they taste watery to me 
  • cucumbers, for salads
  • red onions, salads and baked vegetables
  • white onions for turkey loaf
  • zucchini for baked vegetables and in turkey loaf
  • yellow summer squash for baked vegetables
  • mushrooms for baked vegetables
  • radishes for salads
  • Kale for turkey loaf
  • spinach if I am making a frittata or sometimes in turkey loaf 
  • grapefruit
  • oranges
  • berries when in season or sometimes frozen
  • watermelon when it's in season 
  • spaghetti squash, not lately though... burnt out on it! 
  • tomatoes for salads
  • Japanese eggplant for baked vegetables
  • asparagus
  • snap peas, I add them to the Asian salad 
  • cauliflower for baked vegetables 
  • frozen spinach if I am making Vegetable soup


  •  brown rice
  • Quoina (Costco has THEE best price!!) 
  • Oats 
  • Ezekiel bread 
  • Wheat tortilla's... Not sure about the brand but you can find them only 80 calories with fiber and protein

  • Coconut oil, has to say Virgin and unrefined
  • balsamic vinegar 
  • olive oil 
  • Pam 
  • Store Brand Wing sauce
  • Taco Bell taco sauce
  • Sirache 
  • Walden Farms BBQ sauce.... has artificial sweeteners ... boo 
  • Prego or some kind of spaghetti sauce lowest calorie I can find for the spaghetti squash 
  • Alfredo sauce, same comment as above
  • Newman's Own light balsamic dressing
  • Chia seeds
  • Flax meal
  • Decaf tea 
  • Truvia sweetener
  • Pistachios (just lately) 
  • Coconut or Almond milk
  • Pumpkin seeds to add to the turkey loaf
  • seasonings 
  • PB2

I am sure this isn't everything but this it for sure the main stuff!! I usually go to 4-5 stores to get everything I need... Yes it is a pain but I want what I want... what can I say? 

weight is maintaining 140.8 this morning... I need to kick the pistachios (as I am just finishing off some !!!) 
I wanted to get to 135 for April's Leadership Summit... well that's not going to happen. I may be able to GET to 135, but I won't be able to stay at 135. 


Today is day off relaxing, laundry and some errands, then gym and training tonight 

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have become that annoying person

you know the one I mean.... the picky food person... You look at her eyeing the food... a pretty smile... "No, thank you".... grr what is wrong with her??? it is just cheese... or butter... or I love this one........... Karla, it's healthy!!!

When I started this blog 26 months ago... I loved those little 100 calorie packs... of anything!!! I used to eat the sodium laced and mystery ingredient lunch meats... all I cared about was "how many points"

so this morning I am getting ready to fix my water, I have been adding fruit because I want to get off the Crystal light and the artificial sweeteners, so I grab the jub of my beloved grapefruit... and look at what is staring me in the face!!!!!


huh... what??? awwww crap 

this was my favorite meal today!!! green beans, Orange Roughy fish, quinoa and some light Asian salad dressing.... soooo good!!! 

I do get my water in!!! I also had a big glass with breakfast, I always do to wash down my vitamins and I think... hummm another 16 ounces... so maybe 2 gallons total today  

and some pistachios, they seem to be the only nuts I can eat and not go bonkers!!! and eat the entire freakin bag... a handful or two satisfies me 

breakfast: egg whites with hot sauce, oats and chia seeds, water, coffee and vitamins..... pretty much my standard breakfast  

Smart and Final Asian salad, I dont add in the crispy noodles until just before I eat them... so I eat a lot less than they give you in the bag, and I also use just only enough dressing to get it mixed up... they give you WAY too much dressing... so I am such a cheap-o I save the extra packets of dressing and use old salad dressing bottles and thin the packets with balsamic vinegar and make more thinned salad dressing

yes I am that annoying food person AND a cheap-o  


sleep well... see ya tomorrow :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Orange Roughy

I am on a fish kick 

2 words: Orange Roughy!!!

I have already made it twice!!! the bag is 12 oz and it is $8, it has 2 fillets... now this may sound expensive but I challenge you to find a restaurant that serves this little delectable morsel for only $4 a plate!! 

Just put the fillets in a foil lined pan, a teaspoon ... or less of olive oil on each fillet, spices, I squeezed lemon over it and covered it with onions and red bell pepper... cooked it like the package said (or until done) 

OH MY GAWD!!!! so stinking good!!! 

yesterdays is pictured... veggies, quoina, SF BBQ sauce and fish.... 

Today I was a lot better on the artificial sweeteners, I only had it in gum... I had ONE piece of gum (to mask the onion breath!!) 

yes I was a good girl and did my treadmill this morning 

today's eats... I have been putting the fruit into my water jug... I thought it would replace Crystal light... so far so good :) 

scale was kind this morning 139.8

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tired blogging

I am in bed at 7:14 PM
Had a long very busy day
I ate really really good though
Did 30 minutes cardio this morning

I have discovered orange roughy fish. I made it with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and squeezed lemons, threw some onions and chopped red pepper... Oh wow!!! May turn into a staple around here!!!

I got a killer work out in yesterday!!!

My belts on the last hole!!! I wore my size 4's today!!!
Yeah baby :)

Peanut butter ...... :::::drool::::::

Monday, February 11, 2013

More on artificial sweeteners

so this is the deal

my sister has osteoporosis so I take calcium chews... 2 every day to get in my calcium

just bought a Costco size bag, good enough for 3 months.... has artificial sweeteners... dang! should I just buy calcium supplements? sheesh need to go do some Google research on calcium. Then there is the issue of the GIANT 3 month supply of artificial laced calcium supplements .... grrrr

My Walden Farms beloved BBQ sauce, yep it has artificial sweeteners. I have 2 bottles left, I am going to enjoy them .... then find a substitute... maybe make a BBQ sauce, because I was looking at labels yesterday and most ... ALL of the BBQ sauces have added sugar in them...

I have stopped using Crystal light in my water and switched to fruit... berries, oranges or grapefruit... whatever I feel like for that day.... today it is berries

I have switched to Truvia in my coffee and oatmeal

No more gum... sad face

so this is going to be a process... not something I can 100% switch overnight

but I do notice less morning headaches when I am off the artificial sweeteners, and I am hoping my jelly head forgetfulness will clear up when I get off them

Maybe ginkgo biloba?

Maybe I am just getting old??? 53.....

so much to figure out and think about...

gotta go get ready for work peeps :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

this is HARD

I am having a REALLY hard time with this no artificial sweetener thing

I made my food for the day.... and YEP, there is artificial sweetener in my beloved BBQ sauce.... so I say "the hell with this"

put artificial sweetener in my oatmeal, and my coffee.... INSTANT headache...

this is not going to be an easy one to kick!!!

here were some links that made me stop and think....

later guys

Saturday, February 9, 2013

whats your dream?

When the movie Pretty Lady came out, my hubby and I must have watched it 100 times!!! no joke ... I love this line

 I added this to my oats... I was kind of bummed yesterday morning ... insert sad face.... we threw out 2 things of protein. One I got at Costco and one I bought at Walmart (shown above) because they had artificial sweeteners... boo ... I am SERIOUS about giving up artificial sweeteners,... I am on day #3 or 4??? also ... I am saying I have given up dairy... hello silly gal... Whey... dairy ... whey duh... 

this was the plan yesterday... I just tweeked it a smigg .... also I had an Arctic Zero last night... I wonder if those have artificial sweeteners... hummm

salad and 4 egg whites


brussel sprouts, turkey loaf, Quoina and SF Walden Farms BBQ sauce, OMG if this has artificial sweeteners.... I may excuse this... I LOVE this BBQ sauce!!!!

green beans, turkey loaf and hot sauce 

These calcium chews are SO much better than the chocolate ones!!!! my tiny piece of candy every day 

protein oats and coffee 

Asian salad and chicken 

I have a goal... I am a little reluctant to share it right now..... but I am going to a Leadership summit in Kentucky in April and I want to be ROCKIN..... yeah baby!!! 
have an awesome day

hummmm may need to watch Pretty Lady again today :P 

oops I almost forgot to mention.... the scale was nice this morning 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

hummmm .... can I spin this???

okay folks lets get down to the brass tacks of things

Paleo attempt? or Nutzo attack?

can't be Paleo because of the oats... dang ... I thought I could sell this as my attempt at Paleo...

Yeah right Karla :P

I took the Nutzo to work to get it out of the house, out of the house and into my belly is what happened!!! BUT I did have only have one rice cake with Nutzo on it each time, and it did replace my planned meal... better??? errrr NOT!!!

my trainers response.... hummmmm

LOL better day today. The scale didn't protest too much (140.6)

my scale make's me CRAZY ... I can't keep it in the kitchen, we now have 4 people living in a 1200 square foot house .... Yeah baby I live the glamorous life!!!

oops.... I got off track... scale... anywhoozle ... can't put the scale in the kitchen... because you can't naked weigh with so many people in the house so it's in the bathroom... well my bathroom is a tiny tiny bathroom (see 1200 square foot house comment above) and I have to prop it up on it's side next to the sink or you will bang your foot on it 

I think it being propped up has somehow screwed up the calibration or something... I can get on it and it will say 148... WHAT???? no way... jump back on 138.... WTF???

then I will try to get it to zero and it will say 5.2 or even 76 

no one is one the freakin scale and it is weighing!!! 

so my scale is not to dependable to put it mildly 

do you even care??? probably not :P 

I was successful in making yesterday DAY#1 no artificial sweeteners.... BOOM!!! I felt like caca last night, but I ate like crap and I think I am getting sick, so who knows if it is withdrawal from the artificial sweeteners or all the dang Nutzo.... 

oh by the way Nutzo is good, but not at $10 a jar... I was curious and next time I will just buy plain ole natural peanut butter.... NO NO NO no more nut butter.... what am I talking about!!! 

So today is going to be another busy day off... bank, grocery store, Costco, cook, clean a bit and gym tonight

Have an awesome day 

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