Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A moment in my brain

I am obsessed with numbers...
they run through my brain like mad

my check book
my weight
how many calories are in this?
how many grams of protein are in that?
I have 35 minutes until I need to leave...
do I have time to finish this post?
she was at store 377... or was it 372... I get the 2 confused
I added pumpkin seeds to the turkey loaf... hummm how many calories did that add?
should I have 3 ounces or 4?
Set the timer to steam the brussel sprouts.. 10 minutes
10 minutes to steam the green beans... or was it 12?
I need to call the store at 6
is there an opening cashier?
did I screw up the schedule?
what day do I not have an opening cashier?
need to do the candy code check..
who can I trust to check EVERY SINGLE candy bar AND gum?
will they get confused and put the candy and gum back?... thinking they are go backs
why was she grumpy?
should I ask?
errrrr she makes me nuts!!
the kitchen smells like fish.... ewwww
I smile so I don't SCREAM
Is Bob okay?
should I call him? or is that too Mommyish?
He is 28 after all
why is she so nasty?
do I care that she is nasty?
I need to do wash
I need an oil change
tax return prep... crap I can't even go there....
when is he coming to my store?
will he be nice?
or mean?
will I need to protect my people?
run interference?
should I add that salad dressing to the salad?
when I am old and retired I wonder if I can eat Reeses peanut butter cups and all the peanut butter I want?
will I be able to drink pina colada's when I retire?
OMG, OMG I hope he doesn't ask about that!!
My throat is getting sore... hummm am I getting sick?
my stomach seems flatter, could it be the no yogurt thing?


yep that is just RIGHT this moment....

no wonder I used to drink


  1. This makes me giggle...because I am the same way :)

  2. WOW How familiar all this sounds! Too Funny. Yes I laughed out loud! Thanks for the chuckle and slow down :)

  3. Could me - no - this IS me!
    Our egos never stop the chatter.
    Awesome writing!

  4. Jees Louise!
    Thanks for the early AM chuckle since this is me TOO!! Love ya Lady!

  5. You are very intellectual. I am not.

  6. No worries about meing to mommyish, I'm 35 and I love it when she calls to make sure I'm ok. :)


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