Friday, February 1, 2013

another day :p

I had a hectic day!! up and out the door (Kale salad with turkey meat loaf) 

these are days I am glad I cook in bulk, easy to make my food 
brussel sprouts, turkey meat loaf, 2 oz quoina and taco sauce 

4 egg whites 

I was in a HUGE hurry this morning.... I didn't even take the time for make up!! Fresh faced! I took this in baggies and made it as soon as I got to work: oats, chia/flax/coconut and cocoa blend (picture tomorrow) and a scoop of protein 

Asian salad and 3 oz turkey 

this was NOT planned.... boo... it was good though.... 20 grams of protein and 200 calories... it was yummy but really just a glorified candy bar.... sort of 

my water.... I was in receiving most of the morning, ignore the Tostado's ... water has some frozen mixed berries and Crystal light lemon aid

I am taking an extra day off next week... I need it!!! 

come on vacation time!!  

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  1. Yummy eats! As usual.

    I think I tried one of those Simple Truth bars once. I was in a tight spot when I ate it as well. I hate when that happens, but the alternative is not eating anything and risking a starvation binge later (for me at least). :)


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