Thursday, February 7, 2013

hummmm .... can I spin this???

okay folks lets get down to the brass tacks of things

Paleo attempt? or Nutzo attack?

can't be Paleo because of the oats... dang ... I thought I could sell this as my attempt at Paleo...

Yeah right Karla :P

I took the Nutzo to work to get it out of the house, out of the house and into my belly is what happened!!! BUT I did have only have one rice cake with Nutzo on it each time, and it did replace my planned meal... better??? errrr NOT!!!

my trainers response.... hummmmm

LOL better day today. The scale didn't protest too much (140.6)

my scale make's me CRAZY ... I can't keep it in the kitchen, we now have 4 people living in a 1200 square foot house .... Yeah baby I live the glamorous life!!!

oops.... I got off track... scale... anywhoozle ... can't put the scale in the kitchen... because you can't naked weigh with so many people in the house so it's in the bathroom... well my bathroom is a tiny tiny bathroom (see 1200 square foot house comment above) and I have to prop it up on it's side next to the sink or you will bang your foot on it 

I think it being propped up has somehow screwed up the calibration or something... I can get on it and it will say 148... WHAT???? no way... jump back on 138.... WTF???

then I will try to get it to zero and it will say 5.2 or even 76 

no one is one the freakin scale and it is weighing!!! 

so my scale is not to dependable to put it mildly 

do you even care??? probably not :P 

I was successful in making yesterday DAY#1 no artificial sweeteners.... BOOM!!! I felt like caca last night, but I ate like crap and I think I am getting sick, so who knows if it is withdrawal from the artificial sweeteners or all the dang Nutzo.... 

oh by the way Nutzo is good, but not at $10 a jar... I was curious and next time I will just buy plain ole natural peanut butter.... NO NO NO no more nut butter.... what am I talking about!!! 

So today is going to be another busy day off... bank, grocery store, Costco, cook, clean a bit and gym tonight

Have an awesome day 


  1. I have so many trigger foods it's not funny!! Hope you have a betteer day today.
    Hey are you on instagram??? I'm watrmlon on there :)

  2. My scale varies too and I have to walk around mine because there is just no good place for it. Not quite likes yours but yeah. LOL. Darn things!

  3. My scales lied to me! LIES!
    You look great, by the way!


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