Saturday, February 23, 2013

I can't do this alone!!

this has been my week!!! 

my stress has been all over the map!! Monday I ate good 

then Tuesday I had a STRESSFUL day but it all turned out okay, I cried because I was soo relieved and I had been wound up for the entire day... well I supposed to go work out ... well I didn't I went home and "relaxed" .... no freak out eating that night 
Wednesday... I am again all freaked out over anticipation of Thursday's events... so this happens 

I text my trainer (Kelly) my food every day... it helps ... don't judge me 

oh and also I am looking at this 

I am in a little need (?) of some food prep... and NO WATER!!!! EEKKK!!!!

so any whoo dee whoo 

I get a text from Kelly ... "call me" 
oh, crap...

he is so understanding, supportive and he had a feeling Tuesday night and didn't push me... believe me HE WILL next time!! Kel tweeked my diet a smidge and I am back on track 

I need you people
I need my family 
I need Kel

we all need a support system 

Yesterday was much better... 
I didn't eat all of this
no quinoa 
the oranges in my water were yucky
and I scraped out the crispy noodles and sliced almonds out of my Asian salad 

I am off the the gym this morning to get my arse handed to me!!! LOL 

but I KNOW I will feel AWESOME after...working out has become a stress reliever for me. I used to use Alcohol, now it is working out... I need to accept this and go with it...
I SHOULD have gone Tuesday night
lesson learned!!!

Thank you Mr Internet for a few of the above pictures 


  1. It was nice to see someone, As dedicated And successful As you are, to show that everyone has a slip up now and then. Makes me feel more normal! Hope the stress subsides... I am often in the same boat.

  2. I agree with Alissa.
    And it has been a crazy week for me,too. I gave myself an extra rest day, and I think it really helped my mental game. I think I was exhausted from stress.

  3. I agree too! We are all human! And everyone has those days. Keep going!


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