Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have become that annoying person

you know the one I mean.... the picky food person... You look at her eyeing the food... a pretty smile... "No, thank you".... grr what is wrong with her??? it is just cheese... or butter... or I love this one........... Karla, it's healthy!!!

When I started this blog 26 months ago... I loved those little 100 calorie packs... of anything!!! I used to eat the sodium laced and mystery ingredient lunch meats... all I cared about was "how many points"

so this morning I am getting ready to fix my water, I have been adding fruit because I want to get off the Crystal light and the artificial sweeteners, so I grab the jub of my beloved grapefruit... and look at what is staring me in the face!!!!!


huh... what??? awwww crap 

this was my favorite meal today!!! green beans, Orange Roughy fish, quinoa and some light Asian salad dressing.... soooo good!!! 

I do get my water in!!! I also had a big glass with breakfast, I always do to wash down my vitamins and I think... hummm another 16 ounces... so maybe 2 gallons total today  

and some pistachios, they seem to be the only nuts I can eat and not go bonkers!!! and eat the entire freakin bag... a handful or two satisfies me 

breakfast: egg whites with hot sauce, oats and chia seeds, water, coffee and vitamins..... pretty much my standard breakfast  

Smart and Final Asian salad, I dont add in the crispy noodles until just before I eat them... so I eat a lot less than they give you in the bag, and I also use just only enough dressing to get it mixed up... they give you WAY too much dressing... so I am such a cheap-o I save the extra packets of dressing and use old salad dressing bottles and thin the packets with balsamic vinegar and make more thinned salad dressing

yes I am that annoying food person AND a cheap-o  


sleep well... see ya tomorrow :) 


  1. Not picky just healthier! The green beans look so good! And the Asian salad too!

  2. I hear ya! I am that same Food Snob, but only in a good way.
    Or rather, for us, maybe in a Good Weigh!

  3. Enjoyed your post! The maintaining photo is great! I am new to blogging and checking out other blogs.



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