Monday, February 11, 2013

More on artificial sweeteners

so this is the deal

my sister has osteoporosis so I take calcium chews... 2 every day to get in my calcium

just bought a Costco size bag, good enough for 3 months.... has artificial sweeteners... dang! should I just buy calcium supplements? sheesh need to go do some Google research on calcium. Then there is the issue of the GIANT 3 month supply of artificial laced calcium supplements .... grrrr

My Walden Farms beloved BBQ sauce, yep it has artificial sweeteners. I have 2 bottles left, I am going to enjoy them .... then find a substitute... maybe make a BBQ sauce, because I was looking at labels yesterday and most ... ALL of the BBQ sauces have added sugar in them...

I have stopped using Crystal light in my water and switched to fruit... berries, oranges or grapefruit... whatever I feel like for that day.... today it is berries

I have switched to Truvia in my coffee and oatmeal

No more gum... sad face

so this is going to be a process... not something I can 100% switch overnight

but I do notice less morning headaches when I am off the artificial sweeteners, and I am hoping my jelly head forgetfulness will clear up when I get off them

Maybe ginkgo biloba?

Maybe I am just getting old??? 53.....

so much to figure out and think about...

gotta go get ready for work peeps :)


  1. Hadn't thought about the gum.... That might have to be an exception for me!

  2. There is a new-ish kind of Caltrate that is time-released. My gyno recommended it & I have taken it for about a year. No complaints.

  3. Slow release Caltrate the downside is it is like a horse pill. I also have an easy to mix straight calcium powder that I mix into my shakes. :)


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