Friday, February 15, 2013

Orange Roughy

I am on a fish kick 

2 words: Orange Roughy!!!

I have already made it twice!!! the bag is 12 oz and it is $8, it has 2 fillets... now this may sound expensive but I challenge you to find a restaurant that serves this little delectable morsel for only $4 a plate!! 

Just put the fillets in a foil lined pan, a teaspoon ... or less of olive oil on each fillet, spices, I squeezed lemon over it and covered it with onions and red bell pepper... cooked it like the package said (or until done) 

OH MY GAWD!!!! so stinking good!!! 

yesterdays is pictured... veggies, quoina, SF BBQ sauce and fish.... 

Today I was a lot better on the artificial sweeteners, I only had it in gum... I had ONE piece of gum (to mask the onion breath!!) 

yes I was a good girl and did my treadmill this morning 

today's eats... I have been putting the fruit into my water jug... I thought it would replace Crystal light... so far so good :) 

scale was kind this morning 139.8

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  1. Great job! I discovered orange roughy last year, too. So easy to make and so delicious!


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