Tuesday, February 26, 2013

way's my life has changed since 1/1/2010 and random stuff about me

  • my weight 
  • my height, I am actually 1/2 taller!!! all I can think of is I stand up straighter because I am stronger??
  • my diet... duh 
  • my tastes ... I get excited over fish instead of Big Mac's!!
  • my wardrobe 
  • I can bend down and cut my toenails with no trouble 
  • I can get dressed and see straight down my body 
  • Shop in normal stores, no more Lane Bryant's 
  • Social situations don't freak me out any more... no more worrying on what to wear 
  • everything in my closet fits
  • I actually eat MORE now! 
  • I sleep better
  • I feel proud of myself, not ashamed of my appearance
  • I actually have a bit of style 
  • I don't wear hoodie sweatshirts any more
  • no more elastic waist pants
  • I can cross my legs
  • chairs don't scare my... true story I broke one of those plastic chairs once during a social gathering... OMG I thought I would die of embarrassment!!
  • I have and wear belts! 
  • sweaters are not a problem
  • I don't get my clothes out of the dryer a bit damp so I can stretch them, I used to step on the waist band of my damp jeans so I could tug the waist to expand as much as it could 
  • I used to buy jeans one's that I like in the size I was and a size bigger... just in case 
  • I say no thank you ... food that is offered to me, and I don't feel bad, or rude. I am nice, I thank the person, but NO thank you is an okay response 
  • I fit easier in my bathtub 
  • people look at me more in the eyes
  • people talk to me more
  • people ask me how I lost the weight 
  • they ask me for my recipe's 
  • they ask my what my exercise routine is
  • I cook... SOOO MUCH 
  • I don't leave my food choice's to chance, I pack my food and bring it. To work, meetings, the main office, when I work in other stores, even when I am out and about, I took food the other day when I went to get my eyebrows waxed!! always prepared!
  • I don't just care about the calorie counts any more... it has to be real food, not those TV dinners, or 100 calorie pack's of processed food 
  • I am a food snob, kind of annoying, I know 
  • I can't seem to give up 100% 
    • artificial sweeteners... some still get in ... not much but some
    • coffee creamer's, I don't bring it into the house, but meetings or if someone offers me a cup of coffee with creamer... Heck yeah!! 
  • I get annoyed when a "Weight loss blogger" post's recipes using crazy amounts of butter... I un-follow them... (is that a word? un-follow?) 
  • I get frustrated by clean eating at times... AA ruined drinking for me... clean eating has ruined junk eating for me... frustrated, but glad (on both accounts) 
  • I understand there is no secret... just don't give up 
  • I hardly ever eat dairy 
  • no wheat.. hardly ever
  • no beef
  • I still touch my face all the time... feels so different... I can actually feel my facial structure (okay yes I am a tad weird) 
  • I wish.. wish.. wish I had lost the weight when my Mom was still alive, she would have been proud, and happy for me 
  • I wear a size 6. I can fit into my 4's I have them but my 6's are more comfy 
  • medium shirts 
  • I am uncomfortable about tight fitting gym shirts... my belly is still giggly. My trainer says it is all diet ... as in lose more weight... err.... that's not going to happen... I cannot live on salads alone!!! 
  • When I restrict myself too much... I freak out and binge (as in yesterday :::::boo::::) I NEED carbs at least 2-3 meals a day ..... I don't know how you do it Anne!!! 
  • I have never tried Paleo, it sounds intriguing but why change? 

Today's goals 
  1. eat clean
  2. drink a gallon or more of plain water
  3. do cardio
  4. work out with Kel
  5. clean my bathrooms
  6. cook 

see ya bloggity folks 


  1. You are such an inspiration. I'm going to share this on my WLS facebook page.

  2. I loved this list! I gained an inch when I lost my weight last time too! I assume I've lost that inch with my weight gain. Weird, eh?

  3. WOW! This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing these great accomplishments!


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