Saturday, February 9, 2013

whats your dream?

When the movie Pretty Lady came out, my hubby and I must have watched it 100 times!!! no joke ... I love this line

 I added this to my oats... I was kind of bummed yesterday morning ... insert sad face.... we threw out 2 things of protein. One I got at Costco and one I bought at Walmart (shown above) because they had artificial sweeteners... boo ... I am SERIOUS about giving up artificial sweeteners,... I am on day #3 or 4??? also ... I am saying I have given up dairy... hello silly gal... Whey... dairy ... whey duh... 

this was the plan yesterday... I just tweeked it a smigg .... also I had an Arctic Zero last night... I wonder if those have artificial sweeteners... hummm

salad and 4 egg whites


brussel sprouts, turkey loaf, Quoina and SF Walden Farms BBQ sauce, OMG if this has artificial sweeteners.... I may excuse this... I LOVE this BBQ sauce!!!!

green beans, turkey loaf and hot sauce 

These calcium chews are SO much better than the chocolate ones!!!! my tiny piece of candy every day 

protein oats and coffee 

Asian salad and chicken 

I have a goal... I am a little reluctant to share it right now..... but I am going to a Leadership summit in Kentucky in April and I want to be ROCKIN..... yeah baby!!! 
have an awesome day

hummmm may need to watch Pretty Lady again today :P 

oops I almost forgot to mention.... the scale was nice this morning 



  1. Love that egg white - is that balsamic vinegar? YUM!

  2. Saw your Arctic Zero at the grocery store last night. I can't believe a while pint is only 150 calories! But it either sugar or artificial sweetener in it some didn't buy it.


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