Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I have been absent lately. For me usually that means I have fallen off wagon. Actually that is absolutely not the case here. I have been eating right on track these last five days ....I don't want to jinx it though :)

My diet has been the same every day: operation hard belly is still in full force!!

Food plan

meal 1
shake 20gram with water

meal 2
3 eggwhits 1/4 cup oats

meal 3
3 oz meat with salad

meal 4
shake 20 gram + apple

meal 5
4 oz fish with salad low cal dressing!!!!

18 almonds

meal 6
4 eggwhits with veggies

I snuck a peek this morning at the scale 138.8!!!!!

Eeeeeeee soo cool!!

I told my Hubby if I give operation hard belly a full year and I still have a saggy baggy belly, then I am going to entertain thoughts of a tummy tuck

A full year of clean eating, cardio 4 times a week and working out 3 times a week. I need to be honest and REALLY try!!

Basil Pesto tilapia and broccoli

asparagus and ground turkey with onion, bell pepper, celery, turmeric, cumin and garlic

I gave discovered Braggs and Molly McButter... yummo!!

and see above :P 

so there is someone at my work... a total HATER!!! and a food pusher... BIG TIME!!
funny thing is... it doesn't tempt me... just makes me MORE determined!! 

I know this just looks like dirt.... but Steel Cut oats... OH MY GAWD!!! so good!

Easter with family AND cooking for the week 

have a GREAT day, hope you had a fantastic Easter with your loved ones 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Judgemental

I need to be careful sometimes

I feel judged by some people and I need to just let those feelings go, they aren't me... I have to feel good about my decisions... Their judgements DO NOT MATTER

Sometimes I am the Judge... These are the times I really worry about

When someone's says to me.... "look Karla, I am JUST eating fruit" I just smiled and said, oh great..... But That's not what I thought, people don't want my opinions ..... They are just looking for validation

I understand that

When they ask me, now that's different, I give my opinion

I am no expert

I just know what works for me.... Sometimes

When people say "oh, but this is healthy" and show me a sugar filled yogurt, or something "low calorie" .... I just smile

I struggle with this

I want to be helpful, when asked. I want to be open minded, even when I know their decisions are silly.... Like eating only fruit

I struggle

Sunday, March 24, 2013

attention all foodies!!!

yumminess!! 3 ounces chicken, 3 ounces quinoa and broccoli with Braggs aminos and a sprinkle of Molly McButter spice 

Vanilla protein in my coffee and steel cut oats for breakfast ... I took a small bag of carrots and cucumbers just in case this breakfast didn't keep me full... I had no problem :) 

this is why I don't even own a pair of sweat pants!! 

major cooking going on yesterday 
green beans 
snap peas and brussel sprouts 
hard boiled eggs
2 kinds of fish 

nummo!! tilapia and asparagus 

Orange roughy with the snap peas and brussel sprouts 

boo, I didn't do the cardio today... Sundays are SUPER busy days for me 

I went to the frozen yogurt place with my son when I got home from work... I didn't get anything!!! I got one for the hubby, and I came home, packed my food for tomorrow and made my Casein shake... truthfully my shake was tastier (and more filling) than frozen yogurt!!!  

nighty night bloggity land 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I posted this picture the other day... I need to elaborate ... I have NEVER eaten oatmeal in my life until I had steel cut oats!!! they are THEE most delicious thing on this planet!!! breakfast is officially my most favorite meal now 

can you relate?? LOL 

I clean up my diet... no more coffee creamer, no more salad dressing's and BOOM!!! under 140!!

tee hee 

this is replacing my salad dressings 

we all know someone like this :) 

OMG!!! this is SOOOOOO me!!! food, food, food love me some food!!! 

so let's talk a bit people, operation hard belly is in full effect!! I took before pictures, but there is no way I am posting them (I was HORRIFIED!!!) I will set a timer in my phone and take pictures every month... once I start to get rid of the jelly roll, I will post them all 

I just need to clean up my diet is what I have been told, not so much about the number on the scale right now, it is mainly about what is going IN my MOUTH!!! so my diet is going to be kind of boring BUT I will commit a year to this... see where it goes?? 

I need to throw out a HUGE Thank you to Jody over at  Truth to being Fit, I follow her on Instagram and she gave me a tip that is going to save be from the dastardly coffee creamers... Use Protein powder... ah so simple!!! I make kind of a thicker shake (about 6 ounces water and a scoop of protein) and Viola coffee creamer!!! that and a half cup of the most delicious steel cut oats and the best breakfast ever!! 

and in doing the math (if I counted calories which I don't) it would be about the same amount of calories I was putting in my morning coffee any whoozle!!

I love Jody, she Rocks!!!  she makes me believe I am NOT TOO old!!! 

have a wonderful day :) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hard belly

I have been thinking... could I be a hard belly? I never thought it was possible. A life time of being overweight, 2 kids, yo yo dieter AND I am 53

I mean, come on.... Really??!!!

My trainer says I can do it. My kid also says its possible, I am going to REALLY try!! So today there was NO salad dressing. The only unclean food I ate today was the Costco tilapia, and that I will run by my trainer on Saturday

A few of the recent eats. So no more Kale salad (dressing too high in calories and fat) no more Asian salad (see previous note) I just need to make my own salads. No biggie

I will also make a super icy shake tonight before bed

Tootles blogger buds

Monday, March 18, 2013

I saw this on Instagram...

one of my indulgent's over the past week or so... I paid for it :( 

oh... the people you see at Walmart.... I couldn't resist.. they had the cutest bike helmets for children 

Greek turkey meat ball... OMG soooo good!! 

apple with cinnamon, Truvia and some Greek yogurt 

Suzi blogged about these today and I saw them on Instagram... I want to make these!!! 

so I have been using this inaccurate scale.... I finally went yesterday and bought a digital... yeppers those frozen yogurt's caught up with me.... boo... 141.8 :::: insert sad face here::::::

don't you want to jump into the screen and eat this!!! 

I found this also on Instagram... I need to make these!!! I have to find the Bob's Red Mill baking mix first!! 

one of my daily staples... Smart and Final Asian salad 

asparagus egg white omelet 

I saw these also... want to try 

today's food... I have an overnight shift tonight.... so what the heck am I doing up at 8:22 pm??? I should be sleeping... my sleeping is all screwed up right now 
I WILL do cardio tonight before I go in for the overnighter 

I saw this on Instargam, I laughed out loud... I texted it to my trainer... I could only think of me and those delicious Quest bars 

here is another yummo recipe I want to try 

so what up with you guys?? 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Morning out there in Blog land :)

I found this recipe on Instagram, I am going to make it today.... tweek it by using ground turkey breast and low fat feta... I will let you know how it turns out..... looks yummy, huh? 

My house is the official 6 pack home  the big black one is my son's and then daughter and me.... LOVE them.... makes meal's so easy  

I do this pretty much every morning... make my breakfast, sit down journal all my food that I have packed... I text my trainer ... when I don't.... 

he makes me pay... lol he is a big sweetie... but he did kick my ass Tuesday!!! 

ah the life of leisure, I was off to work and Jack was busy counting sheep ZZZZZ

ready for work :) 

off today, so some food prep, I need to buy a new scale, and just normal day off stuff 

later guys :) 

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