Sunday, March 24, 2013

attention all foodies!!!

yumminess!! 3 ounces chicken, 3 ounces quinoa and broccoli with Braggs aminos and a sprinkle of Molly McButter spice 

Vanilla protein in my coffee and steel cut oats for breakfast ... I took a small bag of carrots and cucumbers just in case this breakfast didn't keep me full... I had no problem :) 

this is why I don't even own a pair of sweat pants!! 

major cooking going on yesterday 
green beans 
snap peas and brussel sprouts 
hard boiled eggs
2 kinds of fish 

nummo!! tilapia and asparagus 

Orange roughy with the snap peas and brussel sprouts 

boo, I didn't do the cardio today... Sundays are SUPER busy days for me 

I went to the frozen yogurt place with my son when I got home from work... I didn't get anything!!! I got one for the hubby, and I came home, packed my food for tomorrow and made my Casein shake... truthfully my shake was tastier (and more filling) than frozen yogurt!!!  

nighty night bloggity land 

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