Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Judgemental

I need to be careful sometimes

I feel judged by some people and I need to just let those feelings go, they aren't me... I have to feel good about my decisions... Their judgements DO NOT MATTER

Sometimes I am the Judge... These are the times I really worry about

When someone's says to me.... "look Karla, I am JUST eating fruit" I just smiled and said, oh great..... But That's not what I thought, people don't want my opinions ..... They are just looking for validation

I understand that

When they ask me, now that's different, I give my opinion

I am no expert

I just know what works for me.... Sometimes

When people say "oh, but this is healthy" and show me a sugar filled yogurt, or something "low calorie" .... I just smile

I struggle with this

I want to be helpful, when asked. I want to be open minded, even when I know their decisions are silly.... Like eating only fruit

I struggle


  1. I see weight loss and maintenance as a giant learning curve because that is what it has been for me. There are those who start out with clean eating and tons of exercise and never look back. It didn't work that way for me. I learn as I go and I'm getting better.

    Yes! Do what works for you. :)

  2. I believe different things work for different people. I encourage anyone in their journey! Who are we to judge?


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