Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I have been absent lately. For me usually that means I have fallen off wagon. Actually that is absolutely not the case here. I have been eating right on track these last five days ....I don't want to jinx it though :)

My diet has been the same every day: operation hard belly is still in full force!!

Food plan

meal 1
shake 20gram with water

meal 2
3 eggwhits 1/4 cup oats

meal 3
3 oz meat with salad

meal 4
shake 20 gram + apple

meal 5
4 oz fish with salad low cal dressing!!!!

18 almonds

meal 6
4 eggwhits with veggies

I snuck a peek this morning at the scale 138.8!!!!!

Eeeeeeee soo cool!!

I told my Hubby if I give operation hard belly a full year and I still have a saggy baggy belly, then I am going to entertain thoughts of a tummy tuck

A full year of clean eating, cardio 4 times a week and working out 3 times a week. I need to be honest and REALLY try!!

Basil Pesto tilapia and broccoli

asparagus and ground turkey with onion, bell pepper, celery, turmeric, cumin and garlic

I gave discovered Braggs and Molly McButter... yummo!!

and see above :P 

so there is someone at my work... a total HATER!!! and a food pusher... BIG TIME!!
funny thing is... it doesn't tempt me... just makes me MORE determined!! 

I know this just looks like dirt.... but Steel Cut oats... OH MY GAWD!!! so good!

Easter with family AND cooking for the week 

have a GREAT day, hope you had a fantastic Easter with your loved ones 


  1. So great you've been staying on track! Great pictures. You are so organized with your meal prep!

  2. Oh my- I wish my kitchen would look like that while I was preparing meals! Fabulous!


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