Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hard belly

I have been thinking... could I be a hard belly? I never thought it was possible. A life time of being overweight, 2 kids, yo yo dieter AND I am 53

I mean, come on.... Really??!!!

My trainer says I can do it. My kid also says its possible, I am going to REALLY try!! So today there was NO salad dressing. The only unclean food I ate today was the Costco tilapia, and that I will run by my trainer on Saturday

A few of the recent eats. So no more Kale salad (dressing too high in calories and fat) no more Asian salad (see previous note) I just need to make my own salads. No biggie

I will also make a super icy shake tonight before bed

Tootles blogger buds


  1. Good luck on your quest for a hard belly. We want pictures. LOL

  2. I would love to have a hard belly but I cannot imagine what I would do with all the loose skin-it will probably drop to my knees. 54 and counting.

  3. have you tried twinnings pumpkin chai tea? to die for!


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