Monday, March 18, 2013

I saw this on Instagram...

one of my indulgent's over the past week or so... I paid for it :( 

oh... the people you see at Walmart.... I couldn't resist.. they had the cutest bike helmets for children 

Greek turkey meat ball... OMG soooo good!! 

apple with cinnamon, Truvia and some Greek yogurt 

Suzi blogged about these today and I saw them on Instagram... I want to make these!!! 

so I have been using this inaccurate scale.... I finally went yesterday and bought a digital... yeppers those frozen yogurt's caught up with me.... boo... 141.8 :::: insert sad face here::::::

don't you want to jump into the screen and eat this!!! 

I found this also on Instagram... I need to make these!!! I have to find the Bob's Red Mill baking mix first!! 

one of my daily staples... Smart and Final Asian salad 

asparagus egg white omelet 

I saw these also... want to try 

today's food... I have an overnight shift tonight.... so what the heck am I doing up at 8:22 pm??? I should be sleeping... my sleeping is all screwed up right now 
I WILL do cardio tonight before I go in for the overnighter 

I saw this on Instargam, I laughed out loud... I texted it to my trainer... I could only think of me and those delicious Quest bars 

here is another yummo recipe I want to try 

so what up with you guys?? 


  1. Those look like some great recipes. I am going to have to try some of those out if not all of them! I love frozen yogurt too!

  2. Be sure to leave the yogurt bars out for 5 minutes or so before eating them but they are really good :)
    I'm just glad there isn't a yogurt place near me!!

  3. And I thought Pinterest was tempting - it looks like Instagram is too! Great looking food.


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