Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morning rambling's

so this post is going to be in no particular order. Someone commented the other day something about does food prep make it easier to stick to my food plan? one work ABSOLUTELY!!!! I could not do it any other way!! this is a small inkling of how I do it! 

top shelf 
  • steamed broccoli and steamed green beans
  • oven roasted asparagus 
  • Brussel sprouts 
  • some orange roughy 

middle shelf 
  • kale salad
  • Asian slaw
  • unmade bag salad
  • tiny bit of broccoli (need to eat first) 
bottom shelf 
  • eggs, raw and hard boiled 
  • Fage 0% yogurt
  • cooked Quoina 
  • ground turkey cooked with veggies and some spices 

I keep seeing this Oats in a jar craze... I have tried it at least 10 times... yuck!!! My oats are a watery... weird uncooked consistency... not the yummy texture I see posted all over Instagram. I have tried quick oats and the regular oats... ahh phooey!!! I will stick to my plain ole oats 

My son has been dieting so we have been hitting the frozen yogurt shop more often lately, we went last night but I was good... I just got one for my hubby and nothing for me... it is okay once in a while, but not everyday!!! 

So the whole peanut butter/almond butter idea... yeah... ah... NO!!! I am a crazy uncontrollable maniac when it comes to nut butter and nuts... this was the start of a overdose nut butter day... I start in control... weigh it and it looks all pretty then WHAM!!!!! freak out... so yesterday I took it all into my bookkeeper and she took it home... 

This looks yummo... I want to try this soon .... looks yummy, right? 

one of my meals from the other day 

so yesterday ... they brought a can of mixed nuts for the Monday morning staff meeting.... I didn't eat my last 2 meals because I didn't know how many calories I ate .... booo 
so this morning I got on the scale 

what the heck!!!??? okay the average is about 142... we will go with that, ah and I need to go buy a new scale... ya think!!?? LOL 

Costco shopping the other day... notice this was taken 4 days ago... we are out of asparagus and green beans .... gee's pee's 

so my son and I have a bet... one week loser pays for frozen yogurt bet... he has a weight loss goal, and I have a goal of no eating crap, Doritos, chips, cookies, nuts, or nut butter goal 

okay I can do this :) 

check this out!!!


  1. That's some impressive prep work.

  2. All those veggies... I could learn from you! Good luck with the contest.

  3. Karla, thanks for the Quit Binge Eating shout out! You have an awesome blog here. Even more, you are an amazing person with all that's you've accomplished. You have a lot to be proud of. Keep it up!

    -- Alen


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