Friday, March 1, 2013


  • excited my son is flying home from Florida today 
  • excited I start vacation in 12 hours 
  • good things are happening when I am on vacation :) 
  • One of my manager's wants me to bring him a meal a day... tee hee... he said he would pay me... I told him when chicken goes on sale he can help me stock my freezer
  • 140.4 this morning 
  • Killer... KILLER work out yesterday 
  • Cardio this morning 

best meal of yesterday ... YUMMO!!

early morning food prep yesterday 
ground turkey with veggies and garlic 

Gym yesterday... darn the stair master picture doesn't show it but it was exactly 100 flights of stairs!!

yesterdays eats 

gotta run

weeeeeee have a GREAT day 

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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day!! I'd love to see you smile in your pic's :)


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