Saturday, March 23, 2013


I posted this picture the other day... I need to elaborate ... I have NEVER eaten oatmeal in my life until I had steel cut oats!!! they are THEE most delicious thing on this planet!!! breakfast is officially my most favorite meal now 

can you relate?? LOL 

I clean up my diet... no more coffee creamer, no more salad dressing's and BOOM!!! under 140!!

tee hee 

this is replacing my salad dressings 

we all know someone like this :) 

OMG!!! this is SOOOOOO me!!! food, food, food love me some food!!! 

so let's talk a bit people, operation hard belly is in full effect!! I took before pictures, but there is no way I am posting them (I was HORRIFIED!!!) I will set a timer in my phone and take pictures every month... once I start to get rid of the jelly roll, I will post them all 

I just need to clean up my diet is what I have been told, not so much about the number on the scale right now, it is mainly about what is going IN my MOUTH!!! so my diet is going to be kind of boring BUT I will commit a year to this... see where it goes?? 

I need to throw out a HUGE Thank you to Jody over at  Truth to being Fit, I follow her on Instagram and she gave me a tip that is going to save be from the dastardly coffee creamers... Use Protein powder... ah so simple!!! I make kind of a thicker shake (about 6 ounces water and a scoop of protein) and Viola coffee creamer!!! that and a half cup of the most delicious steel cut oats and the best breakfast ever!! 

and in doing the math (if I counted calories which I don't) it would be about the same amount of calories I was putting in my morning coffee any whoozle!!

I love Jody, she Rocks!!!  she makes me believe I am NOT TOO old!!! 

have a wonderful day :) 

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  1. I can't wait to see your afters!!!! You are stronger than me - clean eating & all!!!! :)


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