Friday, March 8, 2013

Vacation post

I have the best Son in the world!!! He bought me the small 6 pack. Perfect size for me!!! 


too many crispy noodles... oh well 

Spaghetti squash, chicken and Ragu light sauce... Picture is from the other day 

this is only about 4-5 days worth for my house!!

The plan for tonight is the Kale salad, and an apple if I get the munchies 

I am adding this to my diet, I think with an apple or rice cake it will be fine. I need some healthy fats in my diet and I don't think I will go crazy with this. It is good but not "eat the whole jar" good 

Hey Mom's .... what's up??? 

I was a cooking Queen today
Kale salad. I buy them at Costco, but I used 3 bags in a large tupperware but only used 2 of the dressing packets (If I made it according to the packet I would have used 6) .... that would have been Hello..... tooo much dressing!!
baked asparagus
hard boiled eggs
steamed broccoli
steamed green beans
steamed brussel sprouts 
brown rice 

tomorrow I will make chicken and fish ... I am tired... 

Late Gators


  1. Do you find preparing ahead like you are key to maintaining? I need to get better at that. Do you cook on weekends or all during the week?

  2. Love that cooler! Where did your son find it? Love your food pics, too. Almond butter is a trigger food for me , but I know that lots of people enjoy it.

    Other healthy fats that keep me full and lean. Avocado , olive oil on salads for dressing , coconut oil for sautéed veggies like asparagus , Brussels sprouts and kale, some salmon and grass feed beef occasionally , too.

    The kale salad sounds good. Enjoy your vacation and your food. Good stuff. :)


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