Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why don't you?

I have been thinking about my binge eating, so yesterday I downloaded a bunch of sample books into my Nook from Barnes and Nobel

One of them was an OA book, and it talked a lot about abstinence.
This got me thinking

  • I am an alcoholic ... 
  • So I don't drink...... 
  • Why don't I drink? People say to me all the time, oh you haven't drank in like forever.... 
  • Have a glass of wine.... 

This brings me back to the question, why don't I drink? 

I don't drink because I have a problem with alcohol and if I start, I won't stop..... For years.... If even then .... Alcoholism  has killed some of my family members. Alcoholism is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease 

How is binge eating different? last night after a good.... Not stellar...  just good food day... All of a sudden... There it was 


I thought back to what I had read and back to my question.... Why don't I drink? Because I won't stop is a very simplistic answer 

Same with those cookies.... I won't stop. I had an apple... Sprinkled it with Truvia and cinnamon so it was sweet and dessert like and I was fine. 

I didn't make it to the book store yesterday.... Important day of major events.... Bahhhhh Bahhhh bahhhh ...... Translated "Karla in her PJ's all day" 

I saw this cartoon on Instagram... it is sooooo me!! 

okie dokie bloggity pals... have a great day!!! 


  1. Yes your Instagram is definitely about me. I have a problem with binge eating. I function much better if a try to definte myself as a person that does not eat chips or chocolate or ... Apples are really good goto food as well as they have a lot of flavour and crunch. That often satisfies whatever it is that drives me.

  2. Oh that describes me to a "T"!

  3. I am starting to see a pattern with certain foods too. :( keep sharing your findings!

  4. I difference between alcohol and eating is that you can never have alcohol again and survive but you must eat. That's why doing what you are doing is so important - working on the inner workings of how you control and choose your food.

  5. LOVE this one, Karla!
    I want to keep it on my fridge!


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