Monday, April 29, 2013

Response fellow blogger

Can you pinpoint a period in your life where you began to struggle with food or did you always struggle with your weight? Does knowing help? Diane

Can I pinpoint?... I have always had weight issues, as far back as I can remember I was overweight... then when I got into Jr High, I discovered diet pills... I wouldn't eat anything all day long then have a bowl of lettuce for dinner. I was kind of normal in high school. My weight did fluctuate 25 pounds though (not normal) I was either 125 or 150. I remember wanting SO bad to shop in the 5*7*9 store but I was a size 11 

then I got married... instant 25 pounds... kept it at 175ish for years 

then babies, pregnancy #1 I topped out at 199... I never lost the weight 

pregnancy #2 I topped out at 210... never lost the weight 

The only way I could lose was diet pills.... and I did several times, but because I never learned any different way to eat the weight always came back. Then I was diagnosed with  high blood pressure, well that was the end of the diet pills!! So I just got fatter and fatter... Hated myself, beat myself up... my entire life suffered. My health, my happiness, my relationships and add to all this a hefty dose of alcoholism and you have a recipe for disaster

fast forward to late 2009... my son was also having life troubles, so we made a bet... Booze and food we were going to work on in 2010

We both kicked the booze, I was driven to get rid of the weight

and without the diet pills, I had to learn a whole new way to eat... blogging was a MAJOR turning point for me, I get instant inspiration and encouragement... then Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler... on and on with Social media... I never went to a Weight Watchers meeting, even though I started this blog using the Weight Watcher points system. I knew the program, I knew it worked so why did I need meetings? 

Does it help knowing? 

ABSOLUTELY!!! I didn't understand how the metabolism worked, knew nothing about protein and small meals.... NOTHING!!! I read the internet like a mad woman now, trying to educate myself... I listen to my trainer... er usually :P 

I NEVER want to go back to that unhappy person I was in late 2009. So many years I spent miserable... just makes me appreciate my life even more now!!! 

Stop by and visit Diane, if you haven't already... she is awesome!!! 


Sunday, April 28, 2013

the day after

yesterday was inventory
I was running on 90 minutes of sleep

I was upset, frustrated, tired, stressed and disappointed

I took my food, but it was not food I had made... it was food that my daughter had made and hadn't eaten... I was being a human garbage can... NOW my kid eats CLEAN, but still it was not food choices and portions I would have done

Earlier in the week, we had a staff meeting and I (okay I have to OWN this choice!!!) I had bought cookies for the guys and they were still in my office, as well as a bottle of those dry roasted peanuts

My boss came in

I am calm, cool and collected (on the outside!!!) inside I am a wreak

I grab the peanuts

go talk to my boss

I grab the Nutter Butter cookies

okay... day is over drive home... the whole way home (I commute an hour) I am stressing... about my inventory numbers... will they come out okay? was the count correct... we found A LOT of errors.... I got myself ALL FREAKED OUT!!! 

got home EXHAUSTED and ate a bowl of rice and gravy made with Campbell's cream of mushroom soup (loaded with salt!!!) 

call work... more bad news

I am feeling horrible... salt is starting to make my fingers stiff (I eat NO SALT!!!) okay Karla... get this under control... go do something to make you feel better... I go food shop... fill my house with CLEAN foods. I love the whole food prep process, I am weird that way... the entire time I am thinking... "okay I won't eat ALL day today and tomorrow and this will offset my food binge" then sane Karla chimes in "no, silly girl you have to EAT to keep your metabolism working properly... eating then starving just leads to your metabolism getting all jacked up" 

I am running around all day with a Devil and an Angel on each shoulder whispering in my ear 

guess who won? 

 so I woke up this morning full of regret 

but the good news it today is a new day!!! 

I am going to go right back to the way I eat... 6 small meals, 100% the plan my trainer has laid out for me 
I am NOT going to do hours and hours and hours of cardio to lose the pound or two that I for sure gained
I know I will feel yucky all day today, and most likely tomorrow as well, as my body get's rid of the bloat from all the salt  and dairy (did I mention there was ice cream involved as well?) 

life goes on 

I am a strong powerful women that slipped and fell.... errr... flat on my face!!! 

I know this happens, life goes on... true failure is not picking yourself up and moving on ... 

BUT when I get back to work, I am going to take a stand about unhealthy food in the office... NO MORE!!! I need to remove the temptation of the unhealthy foods... I won't go downstairs and buy it... I know that sounds crazy, but by the time I go upstairs, get my ATM card, go downstairs pick out the junk food, get in line, and actually purchase it... there is time for my sane part of my mind to STOP me ... so Ieven though I am surrounded by unhealthy foods... I can usually stay away from them.. another reason I take EVERYTHING I consume to work... even my own water... I don't want to have to buy anything... too many temptations 

Moral of story .... Marry a rich man and live a fantasy life? 

well that didn't happen... tee hee 

no, life is in secession.. we all make mistakes, bad food choices... I have been doing this long enough to know that what will make or break me is not yesterdays binge... but how I choose to handle the day after...  I am going to make good choices today, pick myself up, dust myself off and move on 


all images are from Google and Yahoo and You tube and not mine 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nothing to say

yep... got nothing

I should be sleeping, I have an all nighter at work... I will HATE myself tomorrow oh about 4:00 AM...

That;s why we have beautiful, strong, black coffee!!

food has been spot on, I weighed 134 this morning! Holy Haberdashery, Batman!!! that is down 65 pounds since I started this blog!! I feel like a different person... I have the same life issues, but I feel stronger in body AND spirit 

I feel so good!! no cravings, in control, kinda weird.... I have been sticking to "the diet" I added the unfiltered apple cider for this month... see if it works... Tosca Reno says it works, and I freakin LOVE this woman so I am giving it a whirl. I figured a month is what it takes to see a difference. Time will tell 

so here comes the no sense rambling... feel free to ignore... like I said I should be sleeping... 

my food saboteur is still alive and well... makes me stronger. Thank you mystery person 

Vacation next week... just working out, and eating clean, relaxing and some home time ... I soooo do not lead an exciting life... that would be someone else's blog !! 

oh well.. off to shower and pack my food... tootles bloggity folks 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I am ALWAYS eating!!!

Today's food food food!
up early.. I normally get up at 4 AM, today I was off so 5 AM!! I mix a protein shake, with hot coffee, add come Torani SF syrup and my protein shake has replaced all the coffee creamers and milks I used to add to my morning coffee

about 7:30 I had 3 egg whites with some asparagus, and a 1/2 cooked steel cut oats (I make a HUGE batch, and divide them and freeze them in small servings so I just have to grab one in the morning)

about 9:00 I had my 18 almonds.. I divide them into small baggies and just grab a baggie 

10:30 I had a few run around errands to do, so I took some cut up veggies with me 

pea pods, cucumbers, carrots, celery, jicama, carrots, cauliflower and red peppers 

got home and my next meal was at 11:45

green beans and 3 ounces of turkey ... I cook the ground turkey breast with onions and red peppers, add tumeric and cumin... yummo!!! 

about 1:00 an apple with cinnamon and Stevia 

2:00 shake made with just water and ice cubes 

4:00 meal is 4 ounces of fish and broccoli... I added Molly McButter... seriously BEST STUFF EVER!!! 

good hair day :) 

I went to the gym for 35 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of circuit training 


last meal 4 egg whites with cayenne and black pepper 

it is 6:45 PM and I will probably be in bed at 8:30ish... up at 4AM tomorrow :) 

You don't have to eat less... you just have to eat right!! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dunked again!

so dunk #2 went well
it has been over 3 months and my body fat is down from 23%  to 20.9%

true I LOST some lean muscle mass... boo... 
but having just come back from Kentucky ... where there was NOTHING to eat, this is not a shock! 

I found this body fat chart 

I took one month progress pictures...


I put pictures in (tab at top under operation hard belly) 

be kind 


I work hard at this stuff.... understand I have been an overweight/obese person pretty much my entire life... so the old (and I do mean old!!! 53!!) body didn't quite bounce back like it would if I was in my 20's

but I think I am doing pretty okay!! 

be nice 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Home again home again giggly gig

The Management Summit was AMAZING!!! So inspirational!!! I am pumped. I am on the plane on the way home looking forward to my food, the food was good, I make better!!! Lol

No seriously I ate 99% food I took. I have to admit.... I felt a little fanatical, but whatever. I didn't have to wait in line for food, and I knew EXACTLY what I was eating! A win win situation no matter how you look at it!!

I took gym clothes, but we were so so busy, boo... The gym was just not an option

Tomorrow I cook and rest

this is the food a friend brought back to the table... salmon was meh :| I had 2 bites ... tasted fishy... think meow... 

this is what I ate all three days!!! so glad I brought my food 

being silly... the largest grocery cart I ever saw... Grocery nerds in action :P 

my protein clumped one morning... I still drank it.. Lesson learned ... liquids.. THEN protein, not other way!! Yes it matters! 

they were all eating, and my "plates were baggies of food I had brought from home!

Airport picnic 

so glad to be home!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kentucky Expo

I am SO SO glad I was food obsessed!! The food is NOT healthy!! Chinese, prime rib, Mac and cheese, wings, salads (which are SOAKED in dressings) so I can eat 100% what I brought! Yeah
1- protein shake
2- oats and apple
3- 3 oz chicken and half a Baggie of veggies
4- quest bar
5- protein shake
6- 3 oz chicken and other half Baggie of veggies

Soooo glad I was a maniac!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's about control

getting ready for the Summit, hair and eyebrows yesterday and nails today... need to feel pretty :) 

saw these on Instagram... if I only made half the recipe... may work.. hummm 

Food plan for the Summit: 

PJ Geek comment made me think, I am having anxiety about food at the Expo... taking food and being prepared may be overkill... BUT it is relieving some of my anxiety. Looking at it this way... it gives me validation that I am not OCD but I am in fact taking control of my surroundings and helping myself to be more at ease and able to enjoy the Summit (do I sound as crazy as I think???) 

what I need to prepare 

I bought these, I don't think I will eat them... but I will throw them in my bag, just in case. I used to LOVE them, but they are REALLY sweet... like too sweet

this made me laugh 
so I have nails, food prep, pick up some groceries for the household for when I am gone, packing and I want some down time today to just chill out and relax ... I hope this isn't the case tonight 

Tomorrow I will be getting up at 2:30 AM... EEEEKKKK 

later taters

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things I worry about

I usually don't talk about work, I just stick to food, diet and exercise.. ah stress, kids... but I basically stay away from the topic of work.... BUT this is food and exercise related... I don't think I will be giving away any secrets or anything stellar in this post so I believe my employment will be intact afterwards :P 
Next week I will be attending the Kroger Leadership Summit, first time ever event!!! 4,700 people will be there!!! They are holding it in Kentucky at the Lexington Exposition center... BIG EVENT!!!! and by the looks of our itinerary a busy busy busy event!!! 

so here is what my weird ass worries about.... food!!! 

silly huh? 

I am SOOOOO stressed over what they are going to feed us... seriously how do you feed 4,700 people? hospital food? bagels and danish's for breakfast? sandwiches for dinner? chips? cookies? maybe some fruit in there for the 'healthy" folks? 

so here is the plan!!  (thank you Google images) 

I am going to pack my lunch box 

 one side with chopped up veggies ... carrots, cucumbers, red pepper, jicama... maybe some snap peas 

and here is my Master food plan 

what I have highlighted is all I am going to have to eat there at the Expo... 
This is what I need to take 

The Braggs I have to put in my suitcase... and my son pointed out they may not allow me to take my ice packs... the whole liquid, jell airline rule... so I may throw my lunch box in my suitcase and just fill my purse with the Monday food 

My other concern is the haters I may encounter 

folks I don't see on the regular that are critical of how I eat... ahhh screw em!!! 

I know for most people this is total overkill!!!

but I know this sounds so clique' but if I don't have a plan ... I fail!!! I will not eat ... and not eat.... then freak out and eat every freakin thing!!! So I have to be prepared and this food plan I have been on ... I have followed 100% and had NO PROBLEMS!!! no cravings no wanting to grab a bite here or a nibble there... iron clad will power I am talking!!! 

so why tempt fate?? 

Day off today... cardio, cleaners, house work, laundry, make dinner, gym time, bank, Costco, cook 

ahhh another relaxing day off :P tee hee just kidding 

have a wonderful day bloggity folks 

disclaimer... not all images are mine, thank you Google images, yahoo images and Instagram 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I wasn't going to blog tonight. I have been plugin along BUT the other day I mentioned trying to make a cleaner basil pesto tilapia

All I can say is WOW!!! Theeeeeee best!!

I cannot wait until my 4pm meal tomorrow!!!

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