Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dunked again!

so dunk #2 went well
it has been over 3 months and my body fat is down from 23%  to 20.9%

true I LOST some lean muscle mass... boo... 
but having just come back from Kentucky ... where there was NOTHING to eat, this is not a shock! 

I found this body fat chart 

I took one month progress pictures...


I put pictures in (tab at top under operation hard belly) 

be kind 


I work hard at this stuff.... understand I have been an overweight/obese person pretty much my entire life... so the old (and I do mean old!!! 53!!) body didn't quite bounce back like it would if I was in my 20's

but I think I am doing pretty okay!! 

be nice 


  1. Well I think your abs look phenomenal:) The belly button looks smaller and also seems to have shifted angles. Seriously though, looking good;)

  2. Looks like a hard belly already! Congrats!


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