Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Morning

Good morning blog world

I have been thinking how this weight journey has evolved over the last few years. I started on 1/1/2010 ,,, WOW!!! that is over three years!!! who would have ever thought I would have stuck with my blog this long!!!

I started just wanting to feel comfortable. I was so self conscious. When ever I went anywhere I would mentally access the room... "am I the largest lady here?" I was so stressed over any event... I couldn't find clothes I liked. Shopping was traumatic! My only comfort was booze and food!

It started as a bet, between me and my son. Then my daughter started into fitness and that got me curious ... it has slowly been changing, changing changing

first it was just about WWer points
then calories
then just cardio
then I added strength training
then I started to clean up my food .... less processed,,, cleaner foods

now I want to do what I never thought possible, I want to be a hard belly

I hope it won't require surgery... I DO NOT want to go there.. I have cleaned up my food like crazy...

I have been following my trainers diet to the LETTER!!! 

I am hoping that a 70ish pound loss is not to drastic and maybe after a few years my belly will tighten... I drink over a gallon a day, do cardio and strength train, I eat clean... I am going to buy a collagen cream for my tummy... it may take a few years... I am not going anywhere


it makes me sad when people regain all the weight they lose. I feel bad, and I totally understand ... there is no finish line (thank you Yahoo images)

I think this is why so many people slip back, it is truly not a race, there is no end...I haven't "made peace" with my weight... I feakin LOVE my food!!! people at work are always asking me to bring them some!! of course there are the Haters... and food pushers but once they understand my commitment they fall away

I should become a trainer for the elderly!!! haha (just kidding!!!) 

I love this fit life, I love working out!!! I love fixing and planning my food!!! 

okay okay okay get off that soap box Karla... crazy lady time!! (thank you Yahoo images)

This is an industry I could have kicked ass in! Diet and Fitness... 

okay work time.. Time for my reality to come about 

have a great day folks 


  1. They have trainers for the elderly. They are called physical therapists, occupational therapists. In one rest home here in town, they have a lady that leads a class called sit and be fit. She gets her stuff off the website.

  2. You said, "I love this fit life, I love working out!!! I love fixing and planning my food!!!"

    That's how I feel too! So many people spend so much time complaining. I really appreciate the happy posts like this one :) Keep doing exactly what you're doing!

  3. Go Karla! You inspire me. :)

  4. So glad I get to read your blog Karla! Thanks for that!


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