Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's about control

getting ready for the Summit, hair and eyebrows yesterday and nails today... need to feel pretty :) 

saw these on Instagram... if I only made half the recipe... may work.. hummm 

Food plan for the Summit: 

PJ Geek comment made me think, I am having anxiety about food at the Expo... taking food and being prepared may be overkill... BUT it is relieving some of my anxiety. Looking at it this way... it gives me validation that I am not OCD but I am in fact taking control of my surroundings and helping myself to be more at ease and able to enjoy the Summit (do I sound as crazy as I think???) 

what I need to prepare 

I bought these, I don't think I will eat them... but I will throw them in my bag, just in case. I used to LOVE them, but they are REALLY sweet... like too sweet

this made me laugh 
so I have nails, food prep, pick up some groceries for the household for when I am gone, packing and I want some down time today to just chill out and relax ... I hope this isn't the case tonight 

Tomorrow I will be getting up at 2:30 AM... EEEEKKKK 

later taters


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