Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OHB progress report

OHB is Operation Hard belly.... more like operation deflated saggy baggy belly.... think a balloon when you pop it....

Boo :(

but I said I would give this a FULL YEAR and I will

I did abs with my daughter on Sunday.... she kicked my butt!!!! My trainer never trains abs... so she is going to help me ... I hurt, but I love it!! my core is SO WEAK!!! it is going to take some time, but I will get there.

err.... I hope

if Abs are truly made it the kitchen (and not the tummy tuck palace...LOL) then I am headed in the right direction. The diet I have been on is easy peasy!!! I am having no trouble staying on it!!! I am down about 4 pounds in the last week!!! I weighed in this morning at 138.6... so I just have to have patience

we have a Monday morning staff meeting every week, so I am not tempted with left over munchies (remember I am a grocery store manager!!) I usually suggest they go get McDonalds... the department managers can eat their McD's breakfast while I go over all the meeting notes. I asked for a PLAIN iced coffee... this is what they brought back for me... huh??? looks like it has milk in it to me.. I gave it to my Co Manager, he loved it.... So going to McDonalds for plain coffee is TRULY like going to a hooker for a hug..... 

we LOVE our protein!!!

Work Peek a Boo

have a great day folks!!!


  1. You will totally get there! You look great by the way! Have a great day!

  2. Hey Karla,

    You look great! In answer to your question about the belly firming after weight loss - mine got about as good as it was going to get after a few years. It's not great and I could benefit from surgery. No amount of sit-ups can tone the loose skin, sadly.

  3. I saw the image of the iced coffee and I was so hoping it was a new diet fad or something. I love those things. They are made with cream,,, yumm. :) You are rocking this.


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