Monday, April 29, 2013

Response fellow blogger

Can you pinpoint a period in your life where you began to struggle with food or did you always struggle with your weight? Does knowing help? Diane

Can I pinpoint?... I have always had weight issues, as far back as I can remember I was overweight... then when I got into Jr High, I discovered diet pills... I wouldn't eat anything all day long then have a bowl of lettuce for dinner. I was kind of normal in high school. My weight did fluctuate 25 pounds though (not normal) I was either 125 or 150. I remember wanting SO bad to shop in the 5*7*9 store but I was a size 11 

then I got married... instant 25 pounds... kept it at 175ish for years 

then babies, pregnancy #1 I topped out at 199... I never lost the weight 

pregnancy #2 I topped out at 210... never lost the weight 

The only way I could lose was diet pills.... and I did several times, but because I never learned any different way to eat the weight always came back. Then I was diagnosed with  high blood pressure, well that was the end of the diet pills!! So I just got fatter and fatter... Hated myself, beat myself up... my entire life suffered. My health, my happiness, my relationships and add to all this a hefty dose of alcoholism and you have a recipe for disaster

fast forward to late 2009... my son was also having life troubles, so we made a bet... Booze and food we were going to work on in 2010

We both kicked the booze, I was driven to get rid of the weight

and without the diet pills, I had to learn a whole new way to eat... blogging was a MAJOR turning point for me, I get instant inspiration and encouragement... then Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler... on and on with Social media... I never went to a Weight Watchers meeting, even though I started this blog using the Weight Watcher points system. I knew the program, I knew it worked so why did I need meetings? 

Does it help knowing? 

ABSOLUTELY!!! I didn't understand how the metabolism worked, knew nothing about protein and small meals.... NOTHING!!! I read the internet like a mad woman now, trying to educate myself... I listen to my trainer... er usually :P 

I NEVER want to go back to that unhappy person I was in late 2009. So many years I spent miserable... just makes me appreciate my life even more now!!! 

Stop by and visit Diane, if you haven't already... she is awesome!!! 



  1. I agree, knowing helps! I so want to change this body I have been in. And at times I want it to hurry up. I have to be patient. Self love is so hard to find. Finally starting to get there! I will go see Diane!

  2. Your writing is fun to read! Congrats on doing so well in the weight loss!!

  3. Thanks Karla for writing such an inspirational post in response to that simple question. You have done an amazing job and I'm so glad we met via the blog world!

  4. Are the 5*7*9 stores still around? I remember going in one at the mall when I was 18. I think we asked the sales clerk if they had a size 11 or 13. With a look of shock and disgust she reminded us what the name of the store was. Yeah, we acted like we knew that and quickly made it to the exit.

    You have made a great transformation and look fabulous. Way to go Karla.


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