Sunday, April 28, 2013

the day after

yesterday was inventory
I was running on 90 minutes of sleep

I was upset, frustrated, tired, stressed and disappointed

I took my food, but it was not food I had made... it was food that my daughter had made and hadn't eaten... I was being a human garbage can... NOW my kid eats CLEAN, but still it was not food choices and portions I would have done

Earlier in the week, we had a staff meeting and I (okay I have to OWN this choice!!!) I had bought cookies for the guys and they were still in my office, as well as a bottle of those dry roasted peanuts

My boss came in

I am calm, cool and collected (on the outside!!!) inside I am a wreak

I grab the peanuts

go talk to my boss

I grab the Nutter Butter cookies

okay... day is over drive home... the whole way home (I commute an hour) I am stressing... about my inventory numbers... will they come out okay? was the count correct... we found A LOT of errors.... I got myself ALL FREAKED OUT!!! 

got home EXHAUSTED and ate a bowl of rice and gravy made with Campbell's cream of mushroom soup (loaded with salt!!!) 

call work... more bad news

I am feeling horrible... salt is starting to make my fingers stiff (I eat NO SALT!!!) okay Karla... get this under control... go do something to make you feel better... I go food shop... fill my house with CLEAN foods. I love the whole food prep process, I am weird that way... the entire time I am thinking... "okay I won't eat ALL day today and tomorrow and this will offset my food binge" then sane Karla chimes in "no, silly girl you have to EAT to keep your metabolism working properly... eating then starving just leads to your metabolism getting all jacked up" 

I am running around all day with a Devil and an Angel on each shoulder whispering in my ear 

guess who won? 

 so I woke up this morning full of regret 

but the good news it today is a new day!!! 

I am going to go right back to the way I eat... 6 small meals, 100% the plan my trainer has laid out for me 
I am NOT going to do hours and hours and hours of cardio to lose the pound or two that I for sure gained
I know I will feel yucky all day today, and most likely tomorrow as well, as my body get's rid of the bloat from all the salt  and dairy (did I mention there was ice cream involved as well?) 

life goes on 

I am a strong powerful women that slipped and fell.... errr... flat on my face!!! 

I know this happens, life goes on... true failure is not picking yourself up and moving on ... 

BUT when I get back to work, I am going to take a stand about unhealthy food in the office... NO MORE!!! I need to remove the temptation of the unhealthy foods... I won't go downstairs and buy it... I know that sounds crazy, but by the time I go upstairs, get my ATM card, go downstairs pick out the junk food, get in line, and actually purchase it... there is time for my sane part of my mind to STOP me ... so Ieven though I am surrounded by unhealthy foods... I can usually stay away from them.. another reason I take EVERYTHING I consume to work... even my own water... I don't want to have to buy anything... too many temptations 

Moral of story .... Marry a rich man and live a fantasy life? 

well that didn't happen... tee hee 

no, life is in secession.. we all make mistakes, bad food choices... I have been doing this long enough to know that what will make or break me is not yesterdays binge... but how I choose to handle the day after...  I am going to make good choices today, pick myself up, dust myself off and move on 


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  1. Yes Ma'am! You've got the "art of recovery" down to a science and it works. I had a couple of those days during the moving debacle, but I'm still about ten pounds under my original goal weight. Have a great day!

  2. Sorry to hear about your recent rough time. It sounds like you know how to dust yourself off and proceed with your healthy choices. You are strong! Have a great week Karla.

  3. Well I admire you. I can't function on sleep deprivation. I get moody and my inner child/demon tells people how I really feel. Plus...I no longer am willing to put up with high stress employment and your occupation is high stress, so kudos to you for managing it. When doing inventory...isn't there always an acceptable level of loss based on shoplifting/crime stats in the local area? And good on you for bouncing back and managing so well:)

    1. yes we call it shrink... but since inventory is only twice a year... it's has to be right!!!

  4. 5 hours sleep and I can't function! I hear you on the stress! Last night an hour before the end of my shift and the debit credit machine wouldn't work and I had to wait for a tech to call me while I'm trying to get everything done before I leave.
    You go girl! Tell them that they should be having a healthy work enviroment.

    1. I give you HUGE kudo's ... don't you work around donuts EVERY day??? I think I would have trouble... not sampling the product :P

  5. I love you when you're that normal girl who falls off the wagon and climbs right back on for another ride!

  6. Karla I have to tell you, this is an inspiring post! Glad you got back up and dusted yourself off to have a better day!


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